Norman Rockwell

American Artist

Norman Rockwell was born February 3, 1894. He was the second son of Jarvis Waring Rockwell and Nancy Rockwell. Rockwell loved art from an early age, and dropped out of high school to attend the National Academy of Design, later transferring to the Art Student's League.

Rockwell's dream was to paint a cover for the Saturday Evening Post. He accomplished this by 1916. He would go on to paint 321 covers for the magazine. Rockwell not only painted for The Saturday Evening Post, but also for other magazines such as Look and Boy's Life. He also illustrated books, like Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Rockwell painted some quite famous pieces, such as the Four Freedoms series. He created these in 1943, after hearing President Roosevelt speak. The paintings toured the U.S and raised 139.9 million in war bonds. Other famous pieces were The Problem we All Live With, depicting Ruby Bridges, and Rosie the Riveter.

In 1953 Rockwell moved to Stockbridge, Massachusetts. From there, he painted some of his finest works, such as Girl at the Mirror. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Jimmy Carter in 1978. In 1979, Norman Rockwell died of Emphysema at his home. He had created over 4,000 paintings and illustrations.


When a subject is drawn as it is seen, and not changed from its original form. Norman Rockwell painted realism, but in an especially lighthearted form, using brighter colors and using the ideal American scene.

Freedom From Want


Private Collection

Timeline of Rockwell's Life

1895: Norman Rockwell is Born

1910: Rockwell enrolls at the National Academy of Design

1914: WWI starts

1916: Rockwell marries his first wife and paints his first cover for the Saturday Evening Post

1928: Rockwell is divorced

1930s: Rockwell illustrates Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

1939: WWII starts

1943: Rockwell paints the Four Freedoms series

1953: Rockwell moves to Stockbridge, Massachusetts

1959: Rockwell's second wife Mary Barstow dies

1964: The Problem we All Live With is painted

1965: Southern Justice is painted

1969: First moon landing; The Final Impossibility: Man's Tracks on the Moon is painted

1977: Rockwell receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom

1978: Rockwell dies


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