WOHE Family April Update

WOHE - Our leaders are STARS!

March 2023 Highlights

It seemed like we blinked and March was over in a blink of an eye! Maybe because spring break happened and we had some crazy Missouri weather. However, our students have been growing taller and learning at an accelerated pace despite how short March seemed to be.

We kicked off March with our 1st Grade Musical and 3rd Quarter WOHE Oscars. Several students were recognized for their respectful, responsible, safe and leadership modeling. Even our littles in early childhood were recognized with Oscars for demonstrating leadership in their learning. Our 4th grade students presented their Wax Museum for our student body and parents. We also had 5th and 6th graders from WIS-S come to WOHE and read their books they have written and published to our K-2 students.

Our student leadership teams are really beginning to find their voice and it has been great to see the excitement on students' faces every Tuesday morning at 8:30 when they are headed to serve our school community. We are so excited for the foundation laid for student leadership opportunities and how this is only going to be strengthened next school year. Here is our Tiger News for February and March created by one of our student leadership teams.

Important Reminders Moving Forward

Looking Ahead into April 2023

Important Reminders:

  • Kindergarten Screening for ‘23-’24 School Year is on Wednesday, April 19th. PLEASE if you know of any families that live within our WOHE boundary lines have them call and schedule a time for their child to be screened. This is very important because it helps us to prepare parents of kindergarteners and also make sure we have enough kindergarten teachers to keep class sizes at a desirable level next school year.

  • Preschool Screening for ‘23-’24 School Year is on Thursday, April 20th. Our enrollment has filled up fast so please call and make an appointment.

  • April 25th - May 5th is 3rd and 4th grade MAP Testing. We need your help to make sure that your child who is in 3rd or 4th grade is getting to bed on time the night before, will have a breakfast meal at home or at school and arrives on time at 8:40 EVERY MORNING. If they are late then they cannot begin testing until the afternoon which means they will miss out on specials and recess possibly in the afternoon when they are making up their MAP test. We want to set ALL of our 3rd and 4th grade students up for success so that they are able to show all that they know. Our Annual Performance Report from DESE is based on how our students score on this test. We want to display how very diligent our teachers and students are working each day to build their knowledge and achievement. We will have incentives everyday for students who are meeting the criteria for giving their best effort on the MAP and stretching themselves to persevere.

  • Thursday, April 27th PreK Musical 6:30 pm