The Texas Rev

Texas Rev

Table of Contence

1 The causes of the Texas Rev

2 The runaway scrape

3 The main characters

4 Battle of San Jacinto

5 The declaration of independence

6 Effects

The causes of the Texas Rev

Some of the causes of the Texas Revolution was when Mexico tried to take Gonzalez`s cannon,and when the Texans crossed the border illegally. Some other causes was that Mexico said Texans could cross the border legal. As long as they followed there rules,but Texas said they would not follow some of the rules,and they made Texas pay taxes.Some other causes of the Texas Revolution was that if the Texans wanted too cross the border. They would have to become Roman Catholic,and when Stephen F Austin asked Santa Anna

if we could resolve the problems and we could be our own country. So Santa Anna threw Austin in jail and that really made the Texans mad. By the time Austin was realest it was too late. He could not make peace.


* artillery


The Battle of the Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo was a loss. For Texas we had 250 men and the Spanish had 1500 men. The Alamo was a Spanish mission. The battle lasted 10 days. Texas camped out on the inside,and the Spanish camped on the outside,so after awhile the Spanish went in the Alamo from the top. Killed every one.

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About 500 Mexicans

During the battle of

The Alamo


*spanish mission


Texas Decloration of independence

The Texas Declaration of independence was when Texas basically said I'm down with you Mexico, So Texas wrote Mexico a letter saying that we want to be free. (the main other of it was George Childress.

The battle of San Jacinto

The battle of San Jacinto was when Santa Anna was going to Texas, and Houston's Army surprised Santa Anna. Houston's Army won the battle. Which lasted 18 minutes
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The effect of the Texas rev

After the battle of San Jacinto they caught Santa Anna and almost killed him. But they decided to keep him alive to sign papers that made Texas a free state from Mexico.


Mission..... a building like a church built by the Spanish

Camp.....waited over night

Period...... Time span