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September 2015

Back to School Booking Blitz!

We are doing a team Booking Blitz!

  • This will take place over 4 days: Sept. 9-12.
  • During these 4 days you will be contacting all sorts of leads to book shows and events for September & October.
  • At the end of the Booking Blitz you will report the number of contacts made (this needs to be some sort of two way communication between you and lead...not one sided). Each contact will earn you 1 entry in the drawing.
  • You will also be reporting the number of bookings you have on your calendar for the months of September & October. This can include bookings previously scheduled. Each booking will get you 2 entries in the drawing.
  • You will report these results on a designated thread on The Brinkman Books Facebook Group.
  • There will be 5 winners drawn late in the day on September 15 and each winner will receive a Starting School or Get Ready for School Wipe-Clean Activity Pack!

Congratulations to Erin Lenz on her promotion to Senior Executive Team Leader!

Congratulations on your promotion to Team Leader with UBAM!

Kendra MeDermed

April Gamelin

Angela LaFleur

Lindsey Kaszynski

New President's Club Member

Royanna Stratmoen

Welcome to New September Team Members!

Wendy Frank sponsored by Kyla Smith (Miller)

Melanie Garland sponsored by Pamela Freeman (VanDyke)

Linda Hagen sponsored by April Gamelin (Lenz)

Blair Henson sponsored by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)

Heidi Igou sponsored by Erin Lenz (Lenz)

Stephanie Nelson sponsored by Carlye Hooge (Sayers)

Nadya Novak sponsored by Kendra McDermed (VanDyke)

Kayla Reuter sponsored by Carly Flaws (Brinkman)

Karen Turner sponsored by Lindsey Kaszynski (Cristinzio)

Melinda Sumner sponsored by Kyla Smith (Zevely)

Alissa Pope sponsored by Keri Cisek (Kornhoff)

Lisa Schroeder sponsored by Abigale Green (Brinkman)

Janelle Skoog-Shafer sponsored by Brandi Jorgenson (Jorgenson)

Amanda Greenhalgh sponsored by April Gamelin (Lenz)

Kira Vansteenkiste sponsored by Carly Flaws (Brinkman)

Tammy Hsu sponsored by Nat Strand (Miller)

Amanda Shenton sponsored by Kelly Sayers (Sayers)

Rachelle Kwiat sponsored by Petra Karber (Brinkman)

Kyra Wurm sponsored by Royanna Stratmoen (Stratmoen)

Kristine Robinson sponsored by Ruby Johnson (Brinkman)

Candice Murphy sponsored by Alissa Pope (Kornhoff)

Jaclynn Donne sponsored by Alicia Conn (Stratmoen)

Katie Grathler sponsored by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)

Kacie Dison sponsored by Keri Cisek (Kornhoff)

Sara Magnussen sponsored by Kayla Reuter (Brinkman)

Jennifer Boiseby sponsored by Abigale Green (Brinkman)

Heather Dunn sponsored by Kassidy Small (Brinkman)

Top Sales Leaders on The Brinkman Books Team

Heather McAllister $509

Karen Sodervik-Layton $553

Becky Jaster $586

Emily Bruzzone $619

Kat Kaufmann $621

Helen Kaszynski $751

Tracy Myers $752

Angela LaFleur $752

Kailey Feistner $753

Lindsey Kaszynski $754

Amanda Doucette $757

Karlisa Honea $760

Karen Turner $761

Karman Brinkman $776 (L)

Jacqueline Dickinson $776

Betsy Goblirsch $809

Kiley Hoffman $844

Keri Cisek $852

Kendra McDermed $878

Jennifer Baca $886

Kailey Feistner $919

Nikki Daer $989

Linda Hagen $989

Lori Langford $995

April Gamelin $1072

Kyla Smith $1096

Brittanie Dusenberry $1120

Kassidy Small $1168

Erin McGargill $1250 (L)

Carly Flaws $1309

Elizabeth McKenzie $1364

Carlye Hooge $1391

Ruby Johnson $1508

Abigale Green $1693

Royanna Stratmoen $1888 (L)

Bobbee Kornhoff $2335 (L)

Alison VanDyke $3529 (L)

Erin Lenz $4227 (L)

(L) Leader

Who's Who the Leader Boards for August?

Top 50 Team Leader Sales

12. Erin Lenz

24. Alison VanDyke

Top 50 Central Group Recruiting

42. Karman Brinkman (8)

Promotion Locomotion!

Congratulations on a qualifying month in August!

Kassidy Small

Carly Flaws

Elizabeth McKenzie

Kyla Smith

Nikki Daer

All Aboard the Promotion Locomotion!

These consultants have joined the Promotion Locomotion Group and have made the decision to work toward promoting to Team Leader in 2015:

Ruby Johnson

Abigale Green

Kassidy Small

Becky Jaster

Suzanne Brady


Keri Cisek

Melinda Sumner

Kyla Smith

Nikki Daer

Kiley Hoffman

Tyler Barton

Brittanie Dusenberry

Kyra Wurm

Pamela Freeman

Jamie Leal

Elizabeth McKenzie

If you are interested in leadership with UBAM and possibly of being in the Promotion Locomotion, please let me or you team leader know.

You Earned a Home Office Challenge in August!

August Bonus ~ A Branded Jacket

Erin Lenz

Alison VanDyke

Home Office Challenge II ~ Set of Branded Bags

Erin Lenz

Alison VanDyke

Royanna Stratmoen

Abigale Green

Ruby Johnson

Home Office Challenge I ~ Branded Mug

Erin Lenz

Alison VanDyke

Bobbee Kornhoff

Abigale Green

Ruby Johnson

Royanna Stratmoen

Carlye Hooge

Elizabeth McKenzie

Carly Flaws

Erin McGargill

Kassidy Small

Kyla Smith

Brittanie Dusenberry

April Gamelin

Linda Hagen

Nikki Daer

Lori Langford

Jennifer Baca

Kendra McDermed

Keri Cisek

Kiley Hoffman

Betsy Goblirsch

Jacqueline Dickinson

Karman Brinkman

Karen Sodervik-Layton

Karlisa Honea

Amanda Doucette

Lindsey Kaszynski

Kailey Feistner

Angela LaFleur

Tracy Myers

Helen Kaszynski

Tracy Myers

Check This Out!

Each month I will feature a training to go check out!

This month it is a new training video called "Overcoming Assumptions". This would be a great video to give you just the words you may need as you are participating in the booking blitz this month.

password: hawktraining

New Consultants>New Consultant Training Videos>Overcoming Assumptions

September Specials

Upcoming Events

National Hawk Team Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 2 (8:30-9:30pm CST) Go to

Call in for audio: 1-860-970-0010

ID# 622-561-852

New Consultant Q & A

Wednesday, Sept. 9

Monday, Sept. 14

Monday, Sept. 21

Monday, Sept. 28

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for new consultants, ask your team leader for an invite

Business Opportunity

Monday, Sept. 7

Wednesday, Sept. 23

Wednesday, Sept. 30

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for your potential recruits, please invite them (ask your Team Leader for an invite)

Leader Opportunity

Wednesday, Sept. 16

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for those interested in finding out information about promoting to Team Leader, as your team leader for an invite

Advanced Leadership Retreat (ALR)

January 14-16, 2016

UBAM National Convention

June 9-11, 2016


Karman Brinkman

Senior Team Leader

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