Paw Prints

Norfolk Junior High

By Cheyenne Otten

Feature Story

Pikes Peak

Have you heard of Pikes Peak? It’s a mountain in Colorado that’s 14,115 feet in elevation. It’s the 31st tallest peak out of the 54 peaks in Colorado. The mountain is part of President Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase. The Peak used to be called Pike’s Peak, but slowly the apostrophe faded away. The mountain is named after Zebulon Pike because he was the first person to record the existence of the mountain. When Zebulon first saw it though, he called it “Grand Peak” not its current name of Pikes Peak. He also estimated the peak to be 18,000 feet tall he was only 4,000 feet off! He discovered it in the year of 1806. Even though Zebulon was the first to find it, he wasn’t the first to actually climb the mountain to the summit. The first person recorded to climb the mountain to the summit was Edwin James in 1820. When he came down with the group of people he set fire to the forest.

Want to know some random fact about Pikes Peak? In the late 1850s there was a gold rush called “Pikes Peak or Bust.” That is when people rushed to Pikes Peak for gold because many people needed money since they had no job. Pikes Peak is the inspiration for Katherine Lee Bates song “America the Beautiful.” The song was meant to be a poem. Big foot has been sighted many times on the mountain. Crayola Crayons in 2004 made a crayon named Pikes Peak Purple. Pikes Peak’s height has changed over the years. In Woodland Park, Colorado there is a hospital called Pikes Peak Regional Hospital.

Pikes Peak currently has three ways to get to the summit, by car, foot, or the Cog Railway. In 1891, the Cog Railway was invented by Zalmon Simmons. Today the prices for the ride up on the famous Cog is $19 for children and $35 for adults. There has been many marathons and races at Pikes Peak. The first annual race was on August 10,1956. The Pikes Peak marathon is the second oldest marathon in the United States. This marathon is the first marathon open to women.

Pikes Peak has a total of six life zones. There is many wildlife in these many zones. Pikes Peak is home to the largest Bighorn Sheep herd. There are also occasionally mountain lions and bears. The summit is above the treeline. Pikes Peak has a lot of history and is a beautiful place to visit.

Fairy Tale Story

MISSING!!! Seven year old boy named Little Boy Blue, son of Mother Goose is missing. Instead of doing his chores on October 12, 1999, he was missing. He was supposed to be with the sheep in the meadow or with the cows in the corn. Surprisingly, Mother Goose found him under the haystack fast asleep. She quickly awoke him and asked him what he was doing. He explained he was searching for Cheyenne Otten because she was an amazing child who was just born. He later found out she was born in Norfolk, Nebraska not in Woodland Park, Colorado. He also explained how he was being followed by a big fat cow named Jordyn because of his music he was playing. Little Boy Blue, being so tired from all the searching, forgot to tell Mother Goose where he was going. Mother Goose was boiling inside, but was glad he was home safely.

A Great App

Deej is an app where YOU can become the DJ. It is an app for an ipad and iphone. When it was designed, the people who created it, kept it simple with beginners in their mind. On the touch screen you have your own professional turntable. You have the feature where you can mess with the pitch and volume of the song. You can scratch and repeat your preferred tracks. On the app you can have the training on or off. This is an excellent app! If you like what you are doing to the song..... Record it! There is also a cross fader where you can make a song quieter and the other one louder!

Disagree Or Agree?

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue. I disagree with the week being shortened because that would be very expensive for the school. They may have to make two meals a day for many students. The new schedule would mess with Cheyenne Otten's beauty sleep schedule! The students may not have time to do any sports activities and they may not have enough time to homework after school. Most likely you would loose the collaborated day on Wednesday. You would be in school for as much time as you sleep! That's a lot of time!! JoJo the diva would become even more feisty along the penguwl!


Question: What is your favorite kind of nonexistant animal?

Penguwl: 40%

Unicorn: 28%

Dinosaur: 16%

Dragon: 12%

Sphinx: 4%

Movie Review

17 Again

A man’s life isn't going all that well. He is getting a divorce with his wife and his kids barely talk to him. He wishes he could go back to high school and do it all over again. Suddenly, one morning he wakes up as a seventeen year old boy. He has to go back to school. He sees how his kids act and get treated. He also knows he can’t show up to sign the divorce papers as a teenager. Watch the movie to see how he puts his life back together again.
Official '17 Again' Trailer