Fusion 12 - Dallas, Texas

Session 406: Incident Mgmt Metrics University of Miami

Eddie Vidal

Eddie Vidal has over twenty years of experience in information technology, focusing on service delivery and support for IT infrastructures. He is the manager of enterprise support services at the University of Miami, supporting over 30,000 users. He currently serves as president of the HDI South Florida chapter and on the HDI Desktop Support and Member Advisory Boards.
We spend our whole lives being measured: How much did you weigh at birth? What grades did you receive on your reports cards? What score did you receive on your SATs? As a manager, how do you measure yourself? How does your boss measure you? Does he/she use an annual review or balanced scorecard? Are you measured by the number of times you buy lunch for your team? Many measurements are subjective, which can lead to differences of opinion.

Measurement is important because it puts vague concepts in context; it is simply not enough to say you want to deliver quality service—you must define it before you can know if you’re succeeding. In this session, Eddie Vidal will introduce the tools, templates, and samples for grading and ranking your service desk analysts in eight different categories, the same ones he implemented at the University of Miami. Since all of these numbers and measurements will get you nowhere without the buy-in and contribution of the analysts you are measuring, Eddie will walk attendees through the steps he followed to gain that buy-in, and provide you with a starting point for implementing analyst dashboards in your organization and improving the quality of service provided to your customers.