Cyber Bullying

The consequences of cyber bullying


Cyber Bullying is a serious problem spreading all around the world. Did you know NZ has the highest suicide rate on the planet. Although new phones and ipods apps are trying to help socializing and communication with others, it has also opened a door to cyber bullying.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is either a individual or a group of people that are critisizing, insulting or just being plan rude over messaging apps, social websites or text messaging. They also counts as bullying if they put unwanted pictures of you on the social networks.

Are these new messaging apps/websites encouraging cyber bullying?

Questions and Answers

    • What are the most common outcomes of cyber bullying?

    A lot of different outcomes can happen. A new one at our school that a lot of students do is cutting, which is when you have a dangerously sharp object and scrap it against your skin. However the majority of results end in self harm and in some extreme cases, suicide.

    • Are there any applications to counteract cyberbullying?

    A: No apps really do stop cyber bullies completely, but some are trying to counteract it. Here is the research that we found on this website below:\

    • How can you help out a victim without becoming the victim?

    ”Ask him/her if they're ok, has it been continuous? Try make yourself anonymous - help your friend without letting the bully know you helped.” -Dan Cockerill.

    • Do parents need to be more cautious about the apps their children are using?

    A: “I think that parents should be aware of whatever their children are doing on the internet-apps or otherwise.” - Miss Streatfield.

    • Do bullies understand how they make people feel?

    A: Usually they know that it mentally hurts the victim, but they don’t know how harmful it really is until something significant happens.

    • When is a post/message considered as bullying?

    A: When it’s offensive, racist, abusive, sexist or hurts a person/s feelings.

    • How have these apps changed our way of communicating?

    A: Face-to-face talking is being reduced. Most people are talking over the internet/phone. It makes it easier for people to bully, you don’t have to be tall and scary to be a bully. Don’t have to ‘walk the walk’ just ‘talk the talk’.

    Amanda Todd

    Amanda Todd is a teenage girl who had been cyber bullied for years, but no one reached out to help her. It all started with one man asking her to flash on Omegle (a webcam website) where you talk to strangers.

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    Amanda Todd's Story Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self

    Facebook Song

    In this video clip, a teenage girl sings about her hatred for Facebook. Yet another conseqeunce of social networking sites.
    facebook song.wmv

    Olivia Liv Penpraze

    This is the story of a teenage girl being bullied. This is an example of one of the many consequences prior to Facebook and other social networking sites.

    Listen to her message and think about what social networking has done for you.

    Olivia Liv Penpraze tells her story


    In conclusion, cyber bullying has made an explosive impact to people all over the world, including New Zealander's of all ages. The result of social networking sits in your pockets and is carried around 24/7.

    From the research we've found, it has created a new way of our thinking and made us more aware of the many differences between bullying and cyber bullying.

    Thank-you for viewing our presentation.

    By Issy, Tayla, Francie, Emily and Ivy

    What is cyber bullying?