Enterprise Anti-Virus

AV Defender - per month costs only $2.90 per desktop/device

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Include Anti Virus on your new device/desktop for only $2.90 per month, per device or $35 per year!

To take advantage of great savings $2.90 inc gst, per machine, per month or $35 inc gst per year. To receive a quotation for Unlimited AV Defender Enterprise Anti- Virus for your business.

Simplified Security Management - Security Meets Artifical Intelligence

Anti-virus/anti-malware is business imperative in today’s connected world. Ensure your IT Assets are protected by the industry-awarded and industry-leading technologies with Unlimited AV Defender, which utilizes advanced technology to protect your Windows devices from the latest security threats.

Designed specifically to secure the complex IT environments of modern connected companies.

Unlimited AV Defender provides:

  • Simplified management, deployment, and migration of your environment.
  • Enhanced monitoring with a dashboard-style view of anti-malware activity
  • Robust reports to quickly and dynamically provide insight into your environment

Replacing any widely used system can be daunting. Unlimited AV Defender removes the hassle by deploying at the click of a button and automatically uninstalling legacy endpoint clients. Additionally, it allows you to schedule deployment and system reboots.

Unlimited AV Defender provides more than just antimalware protection. It includes a fully featured intrusion detection, antiphishing, web filtering, and user control. This comprehensive functionality is essential in blocking increasingly diverse threats from infecting end-user systems and server endpoints.

Unlimited IT Group

To receive a quotation for Unlimited AV Defender - Enterprise Anti-Virus for your business; please contact our office.