Mrs. Green's PM Kinder

We are Busy Bees!

The Dragon Wagon Is Here!

As a result of a professional inquiry group, a group of Special Education, Kindergarten, First and Second grade teachers have created a Kindergarten/First Grade free little Library. The Dragon Wagon will visit our class every Wednesday. Your child can leave a book and take a book. You can keep the book forever or swap it for another when the Dragon Wagon returns to our class. We are so excited to launch this special project for our young students. The project is for K-2 students.

Read Across America with our 3rd Grade Buddies


In Writing, we are still focusing on making our stories dynamic for the reader. We have discussed writing a story with a beginning that captures the reader, a middle with lots of transitions and an ending that has feeling and emotion. We will be taking a break from writing true stories to write how-to books. We will be returning to writing true stories shortly.

Lexia Core 5 and Reading A to Z

10-15 minutes per day!

Please be sure to continue the work on Lexia Core 5. This is the time of year when our Kinder students develop quickly. 15 minutes a day is suggested. Please also continue to review the 17 core sight words. If your child has mastered those words, please see my eboard for other sight word lists. We have been working to build automaticity and fluency with our sight words. Please continue the work at home. Some suggestions for word work at home:

  • rainbow writing
  • use magnetic letters to build words
  • using shaving cream in the tub or sand to spell words
  • go fish --make a fishing pole with string and magnet and make some fish with the words written on them. Place a paperclip on the end and go fish. Child reads the word each time they catch one.
  • use a white board
  • spell words using stampers
  • playdough

READING A-Z is a wonderful on-line reading program. Please have your child visit this site daily to practice reading everyday. Some other great apps are the ABC Spelling 1, 2, & 3 and Starfall.

Super Brain Yoga

We have been starting our day with a warm up Yoga exercise to exercise our brains. Some of the children are really very enthusiastic about our warm up. It takes about 3 minutes tops. Some of the children have said that they are trying it at home. Its great for adults too. Please see the video below that I shared with the children as an introduction. I will email the video link for parent research. Mr. B and I are always excited to try new things to help our students meet the highest potential.
Super Brain Yoga with The Cosmic Beet


We have been working with 2D/3D shapes. We searched out classroom and worked with a partner to illustrate and write about the shapes we found. We need to be able to identify a circle, square, triangle, rectangle and a cone, cube, sphere, and cylinder. We compare our shapes and discuss the attributes of each.

We will be moving on to addition and subtraction for the spring. Please enjoy our video below of our projects. The video was shown at the community meeting and our posters are in the hall near the science room.

We continue to explore numbers in our environment. We write our date and temperature everyday. We discuss the difference between the temperature everyday. For example, if it is 52 degrees on Monday and 54 on Tuesday how many degrees warmer is it on tuesday than monday (and how do you know???) We are also still exploring arrays of numbers. Looking at ten dots and some more to make "teen" numbers. You can continue this work at home using pennies or buttons as counters to support your child at home.

KG Shapes

Look what the Leprechaun left us!

Guess what?? The Wee folk left us some number cards around the classroom. We had to search the room and count the objects to complete a chart of St. Patrick's Day objects. We checked our answers with Mrs. Green and circled our numbers when we counted the objects correctly.
My Movie 1

The ANTS are Marching!

After Spring Break, we will be beginning our unit on Ants. Our live ants should be arriving in April. We will be learning all about the parts of an ant, how they live and eat, and how they take care of their babies. I always compare our classroom to a colony. How we are all worker ants who work towards the greater good. I am excited to share this unit with the children.
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