Dream vacation



i would love to go to Paris someday and see the Eiffel Tower and travel around Paris and see things i have never seen before!!

i want to see the Eiffel Tower

Activities to do

I want to go floating on a boat like this and float around and look at some awesome things
i would love to go out and eat at a fancy restaurant like this
This is a picture of the Notre Dame de Paris and i would love to go see this because it looks beautiful!
i want to go on this it looks really fun

Hotels in Paris

this is one of the hotels i want to stay in and it is $81
this is the other hotel i want to stay in and it is $345

cost of flight and place

the cost of the air fare is $1,283 the name of the place will be in Little Rock

Weather in Paris during spring

Because of France’s location right off the Atlantic, Paris’s weather is mild most of the year. January is the coldest month with the average minimum temperature falling to 37ºF (3ºC). The temperature rises gradually from there and July has a pleasant average of 79 F (25ºC).

Rain is common though it falls less in winter than in any other season. Winter has the occasional snowfall, but it usually melts fast.