Thursday's Thoughts

May 11, 2017

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Upcoming Dates:

May 15th: Bookfair Opens - Please promote this in your reminds, emails, newsletters etc. This is a great way to build home libraries as it is Buy One Get One free. It is also a great way to build your classroom libraries. Stop by next week and take a look!!

May 17th: Yearbooks go on sale- $5

May 17th: Bookfair open until 5:00

May 19th: Make sure all iPads are in your classes with brick, cord, and case

May 22nd: F & P Levels due

May 22nd: iPad collection Day

May 25th: PHS Graduation Day

May 25th: Annie Performance at 6:30. Please make plans to attend!

May 26th: Last Day of Testing! :-)

May 29th: Memorial Day

May 30th: Profile Cards Due- Please note the changes in profile cards below.

May 30th: K5 Celebration at 8:30

May 30th: Balloon Walk

May 30th: Incoming K5 Parent workshop

May 31st: Field Fling Day (Field Day and Spring Fling combined)

June 1st: 8:30- 3rd grade awards, 9:30- 4th grade awards and Beta Club Induction, 10:30- 2nd grade end of the year celebration in the reading garden.

June 2nd: 8:15- 5th grade graduation, 9:10-4th nine weeks house party and cup winner announcement

Profile Cards (Important!)

We are working to be very, very strategic in the grouping of our classes next year. In order to do this, we need your help. As you finish your grade levels profile cards, please group them in the following way:

1. All LAUNCH banded together with a sticky note on top noting LAUNCH.

2. All IEP's banded together with a sticky note on top noting IEP's.

3. All behavior issues banded together with a sticky note on top noting Behaviors.

4. All other cards banded together according to F & P levels. For example, all a's together with a sticky note on top noting A, all b's together with a sticky note on top noting B, etc.

We need these as soon as you have them complete. The sooner the better. :-)

Amistad Party

I apologize that we have not been able to have the Amistad 3rd nine weeks party. We rescheduled twice but had to cancel due to rain. With testing the way that it is, we are going to have to have them a treat during their lunch time Monday. We will be in there Monday to give students in house Amistad popcorn and slushies for winning. Let's plan to switch your duty free lunch from Tuesday to Monday so that we can be in there with them.


We are beginning end of the year meetings. Please be adding in updated levels as you finish leveling. The following teachers have meetings next week:

Monday: Litz at 8:15

Tuesday: Kyle at 8:15

Wednesday: Reeves at 10:45

Thursday and Friday: Related arts. Please let us know the best time to meet with you all.


Please plan to meet with us Tuesday during your planning. :-)

Summer Tutoring

We have money available to pay for summer tutoring specifically in reading. I would like to invite students that need it who are not already planning to go to our district summer reading camp or Goalpost summer program. The tutoring will be here and those tutoring will earn $26 an hour. I have already had some teachers to express interest. Please let me know for sure if you are willing to do this. The tutoring has to be completed by June 30th.

Summer Painting

I have requested that classrooms on the 4th/5th and 3rd grade hallway be painted this summer. Please make sure you have everything off of the walls so that they can be painted.