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December 11, 2015

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Our 2G reporters have been working hard to bring you this week's news! Enjoy!

Social Studies: Hibernation~ By Aidan and Alyce

This week in school we studied hibernation in social studies. The article was called Eat Up, Bear. We learned some interesting facts about bears hibernating. Did you know that the place where an animal hibernates is called a hibernaculum. We learned a lot about bears hibernating!

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Reader's CAFE: Cinderella ~ By Henry

We are learning about fairy tales in Reader’s CAFE. We’ve been reading Cinderella stories from different cultures. Then we put them on a map. In the Egyptian Cinderella she had golden slippers and in the original Cinderella she had sneakers. It was fun learning about fairy tales.

Everyday Math 4: December Math~ By Brandon

This week in school we had December themed Math Stations.One of them was finishing our last Math Box page for Unit 3.Another one was seeing how many squares and sticky notes we can fit on a piece of paper.My favorite one was shopping.We had one dollar and had to shop with coins.We had to figure out how many coins it would take and how many are left.I did it for a Minecraft account,A book,and a Lego set.It was so so Awsome.Did you ever do Themed Staions?

Writer's Workshop: Catapults~ By Olivia

This week in school we made catapults in writer’s workshop.

My partners were Caroline and Emma.

It was really hard taping the rhombus to the spoon.

We talked about launching the catapult. It took a long time to

make it work. I loved making catapults.

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Go NoOdle~ By Tommy

This week in school we did field trip on Go Noodle. Field Trip is a running game where you can either jump duck left right .Also we had to answer questions about are lad reports.When we were done the game told us about the armpit.It was funny.We had so much fun this week.

Music ~ By Emma

This week in school we did music. We did a lot of things. One fun thing we did was singing at Barnes and Noble. We sang Let it snow,Marshmallow world and Give the Good Gifts.That was fun! Also we are learning about the Blue Ribbon Song.

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For Your Calendar

12/14 Appreciating Differences Day-See Information Below

12/15: Report Cards Available in Genesis 330 PM, Grades 1-5

12/16: Afternoon Conferences, 1230 PM Dismissal For Students: see link below to check the schedule.

12/17: Noontime Enrichment Sign Up Deadline

12/17: Talent Show Interest Meeting, 310 PM, APR

12/17: Evening Conferences, Regular School Day for Students

12/18: Morning Conferences, No School For Students

12/21: Orchestra Rehearsal (4th and 5th Grade only) 745 AM, Stage

12/21: Evening Conferences, 1230 PM Dismissal For Students

12/22: Blue Ribbon Pep Rally, 1030 AM, APR

12/23: Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

12/23 1230 PM-1/3: Winter Break