Lorian Legacy Chronicles

Pittacus Lore -Publisher-HarperCollins - 9/23/11 -406 Pages

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Character Descriptions

John (Number Four)
John is a strong character that keeps to what he belives in. He sticks with his friend, Sam, even though he isn't very strong and is an ocasional trouble. From the planet Lorien, it was invaded by Mogadorians ten years ago, and he is one of the ten sent out to save the planet, after he developed his legacies. However, numbers one through three are dead. He's next. Being hunted. So, joined at the side of Six, he fights for his planet to hopefully one day return to it and bring it back to its previous-war state.

Six (Number Six)
Six is by far much more powerful than John. She has more legacies that are more developed. She fights for the same thing as John. She doesn't have as much desires as him. Both have lost their Garde, or their protectors meant to be with them until they develop their legacies. Six has passed through that and now has trained and trained, while John was still developing his legacies. Without Six, John would be dead. Without John, six would be dead. So, they are at eachother's sides.

Sam (Sam Goode)
Sam is the "earthling" that has been helping John and Six out. His father was taken by the Mogadorians since he was helping the Loriens get safely to where they needed to be. He has trained to be better in combat and now strives to help them get to their goal.

Marina (Seven)
Marina is Number Seven. She doesn't know much of her backstory from Lorien since her Cepan never got around to telling her. Now, its too late for her to turn back, since the Mogadorians had found her and hunting her down. Mariena is kind, gentle, but also ready to fight when its needed. She knows how to stand her ground.

Book Plot

The book is about an alien race that has taken refuge on Earth, after their planet was destroyed by another alien race known as the Mogadorians. They know that the lorien that have taken refuge on Earth can destroy them, so they are hunting them down to make sure they can't fight back. However, most of them are developing their legacies, or basically super powers. On the run for all their lives, its now time to fight.

That being exactly what they do, trying their best to meet up and fight together. However, meeting isn't exactly easy. Being considered a terrorist, you have to be in consistant hiding from police forces, SWAT teams, or just everyday people.

So, going through much struggles, John loses his chest. The very thing that can save him from his death, or could cost him his life. So, he soon goes to the Mogadorian's cave, a giant cave system containing everything they have. This leads to John and Six leaving eachother, with Six going to find Seven and John going to find his chest. This leads to the climax, with both parties getting into enormous fights against the Mogadorians. They both win the fighs, however both lose friends. Marina, number Seven, loses her only friend, Hector, in her fight. John loses his best friend, Sam Goode, while fighting. The story wraps up with John and Nine escaping the cave and Seven and Six walking away from the battle, going to try their best to meet up soon.


The conflict in the book is between the Lorien and the Mogadorians, in a fight between good and evil, a fight between one race and another, the fight between the survival of one species and another. Many battles take place, many lives taken.

All the main characters are put up against the Mogadorians- John, Six, Sam, and Marina.

Quotation Explanation

"Setrakus Ra. He's here. This is it."

Setrakus Ra is the leader of the Mogadorians, the most powerful one of them. He forces the members of the Garde (Numbers) to have visions of fearful things. He is now on earth to fight against the Garde. This sets up half of the book for fear and intimidation, also exitement of what comes next- also being what most likely sets up the next book- the rise of Nine.


The book is an amazing book, one that keeps you reading and wanting to flip the next page. The action is great, the story-line is much more clear then other books. However, the book could of improved on telling us a little more of the base of the characters- where they came from, what there goals are, things like that, instead of throwing us the characters expecting us to know them. The author could of told us a little more on the history of the characters as well. I would give it 4.75/5 stars!