My memorial

This memorial is dedicated to those who are being bullied

What is the issue?

This memorial is dedicated to those who are being bullied just for being themselves.Every day people get bullied for anything to how tall or short they are to the clothes they wear. And everyday someone somewhere kills themselves because of it.

Why should there be a memorial for this

There should be a memorial for this so we can let those who are victims of this injustice know that its okay to be themselves. So we can show to those who are the cause of the injustice that it is not right by any means including religious,cultural, ect. to be mean to someone just for being who they are. To show people that others should be able to be themselves without being bullied by someone else.


I think there should be one in every continent, that way people wont have to go over seas just to see it. Because this issue is going on world wide. One in the most famous citys in each continent.

Who does the issue effect

This issue can and probably will affect anyone from third graders to collage seniors of any culture, race, gender or sexuality,anywhere anytime. And they could be getting bullied by anyone for a number of reasons. This issue can even affect grown adults at times but for fewer and less childish reasons

What is the hope for this memorial?

I hope that this memorial will show the victims of this injustice that it is okay to be themselves,that they don't have to hide their true personalities or anything that would change them. And to let the people who cause this injustice that it is not right and not at all nice no matter what the cause may be. I hope this memorial will put an end to bullying.