Website Creeps, Problems and Drama

Bad things on Facebook, Twitter and other websites used

Website Creeps

Almost everyone you know, may have a facebook, twitter, or some other kind of website account they use. If you decide to have your own profile for any of these websites, make sure you set your profile to where no one can look at your pictures, friends, and other private things, because there's creepers out there that add you and act like their your friends, but their not. Also be sure to add people you know and don't accept friend request from people you don't know. Be safe and make the right choices.

Website Problems

If you have a profile on any kind of website like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or any other kind of website like that, there's always some type of problem on them. Problems like posting bad comments about someone, or posting about hurting someone or themselves. These problems end up cause bigger problems, leading to fights or contact with police. The best thing to do to avoid any type of problem like this, is to keep your comments to yourself and talk to a teacher or someone you can trust, instead of posting bad things like that and making problems worse.

Website Drama

On websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or any other website there's tons of drama happening. Drama such as: posting something bad about someone just to ruine their repation with people; posting imbarrasing things about someone that no one else needs to about; causing problems with people by talking trash to them just because they don't like that person; posting videos about people fighting, arguing, and doing stupid things; and finally posting things about their personal life, things like breaking up with their girlfriend; fights they had with their family friend/friends; or just something that will just cause drama for them or someone else.