2nd Grade Data Digs 9/8/15

Takeaways, Plus & Deltas

Action Steps

  1. Spiral Place Value into Welcome Work, and SGI
  2. Follow-up Formative Assessment for the SGI students before the weekly test.


  1. Modeling through Think Aloud, how to answer a question (inferencing: jot down the clues that helped them to figure it out)
  2. Modeling how to read a passage and how to apply the skill in the passage.


Email the student tracker to Mrs. Garza at the end of the day today (9/8/15)


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • Good teamwork & collaboration

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

  • In work setting, would should relate to one another by last basis in front of students
  • Were very open about talking about strategies that can be used
  • Analyzing the quiz together and hearing how others looked at it differently.

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • Actionable next steps for coming week (Ex. how to model skill applied to passage)
  • Talking about misconceptions & how to fix them was helpful


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • How can we manage time a little better?
  • We were able to come up with next steps but I would have liked to look at lesson plans
  • For myself, I think maybe bringing samples of strategies teachers can implement. In my part, being more prepared
  • How can we continue to improve student achievement.

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

  • No deltas for the moment

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • Open mind to change but at the same time understand what is or isn't working for students

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