by:Elio suarez

greatest common factor

jim has 15 apples and 9 kiwis he what to make the lest amount of baskets whit the same amount of apples and kiwis in each basket how many baskets shoude he make?

least common multiple

chriss is making pizza he has to buy the dough he wanets to make as many pizza as he can whit an equal amount of topings he has 18 peperroni and 9 olives how much dough should he buy. he should buy 3 dough.

least common multiple

there is a baking shop that need to deliver 225 cupcake boxs ther is only 3 trucks how many box will equily go in trucks? 75 boxes.


leo has 1/3 of a meters of streamers he need 3/10 meters of steamer for the party does he have anuf? yes.

distribuive propety

12+15= 3(4+5) 27

sum and difference

89.34+57.24=146.54 sum 89.34-57.24=32.10 difference




89.36 divided by 23 =3.88 R12