Youth Ministry Update

November 2015

An Exciting Beginning...

We are very excited about the launch of the youth ministry at VIC. With 'Mystery Person' Whatsapp competitions and Captain's Ball, things are starting to happen!

Mature people (parents and friends!), please encourage the young people in your lives to get involved! We also need prayer support for the ministry.

Don't miss the next event - trampolining on November 28th. Details to come.

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Captain's Ball!

We had a fantastic first meet up on Saturday. We played Captain's Ball (modified netball) and discovered who the competitive people amongst us were!

After that, we had some yummy food to revive us and Wei Ching shared about faith and action (good deeds) using James 2:14-22. We know how important it is to act on our faith during the week, and not just on Sundays!

We used Nearpad Technology to respond - each person contributes using their phone and we can see each other's answers on the big screen.

Some of the answers were:

  • What does faith mean to you?

-Faith means to have trust in someone or something

-Believing and trusting in that which can't always be seen, even when there's no 'hope'.

-Faith in God is knowing He is in me and I am in Him... Nothing and nobody can take that truth away.

  • What can we DO with our faith? What is on your heart? How will you act?

-We can spread the word of God to those around us. I want to help people who are struggling and could use the love of God in their lives, as well as bringing my friends closer to God.

-With our faith we need to do good deeds and share God's love with the people around us. You need to live a godly life so that you can be a example for those around you

To finish our time together, we were challenged with the question - how will we act on our faith this week?

Trampoline Meet Up

Saturday, Nov. 28th, 1:30pm


We will meet up for trampolining followed by food and sharing.
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