THE 1950's

Politics, Pop Culture, Major Events, Literature, oh my!


United Nations forces retreat south toward the 38th parallel (12/8/1950- shipments to Communist China are banned by the United States)

Rosenberg Trials


Brown v. Board of Education

Pop Culture

The biggest stereotype of the 1950s was the "1950s housewife"

Clothes were made of synthetic easy care fabrics with Christian Dior's New Look becoming a huge fashion trend, the rise of sportswear followed

Rock-and-Roll became the most popular music genre with artists such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry

Television became more popular with shows such as I Love Lucy and Leave It To Beaver

Major Events

Korean War starts 25 Jun 1950

Transcontinental and Colour Tv introduced May 1951

DNA discovered 1953

Racial segregation ruled unconstitional in public schools 4 Jun 1954

Rosa Parks 1 Dec 1955

Vietnam War begins 1 Nov 1955

Soviet satelittle 'Sputnik' launched 5 May 1957

Alaska and Hawaii become a part of the U.S.A. 1959



Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea

Ralph Ellison: Invisible Man

James Baldwin: Go Tell it on the Mountain

Religion, WW2, and Humor filled the literature of the 1950s


Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode by rhnksyy


Elvis Presley - Hound Dog by fabiogrando


Little Richard - Tutti Frutti by fabiogrando