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A Message from the LCPe

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I wish to congratulate each one of you for taking up this amazing opportunity to be on the EXECUTIVE BODY 2015-16 of AIESEC in ISM Dhanbad.

For the next 10 days will be a journey, full of crest and troughs, a lot to learn, a lot to cherish, a lot to be anxious about and even more to be desperate.

SO, to all my buddies,

STAY CALM, STAY FOCUSED and relish these priceless moments.

BE the best VERSION of yourself



With immense love & respect

Lakhan Dhingra

Vice President

Talent Management

AIESEC in ISM Dhanbad | India


Local Committee President Elect

AIESEC in ISM Dhanbad | India


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In the end, its all about the experiences you had in life

In moments of frustration, aggravation and what not !!

Do one of the following 3 things

  • Watch this AIESEC video
  • Listen the beautiful song
  • Contact me :)

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