The Roo Review

Your Adventure Begins Here...

This Week

Monday, May 2~
  • PLC STAAR Training @3:40
  • 4th grade program @ 6:30
  • Newsletters and Lesson Plans

Tuesday, May 3~

  • Retirement Presentation @3:40

Wednesday, May 4~

  • 1st grade to Casa Manana
  • ARD day
  • College Colors Day

Thursday, May 5~

  • Cinco de Mayo

Friday, May 6~

  • Late Night in the Library-6th Grade
  • Spirit Store
  • School Lunch Hero Day
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Morning Announcements: Montgomery/Tamez

Character First Trait for May: Wisdom


May 3-Kelly N

May 9-Jess

May 12-Tina

May 14-Stephanie

May 20-Shelley

May 22-Yanet

May 26-Melanie

Kudos to You!

Cassie Bell-for taking 5 students from bilingual under her wing and preparing them for STAAR!

Chandler-for having so many hands-on activities for her kiddos

Coach Skidmore for keeping the children moving & dancing while they wait for the bus.

Stephanie and Addie for helping with snacks for the TALE gate!

Jill for doing a great job with KU kids!

Becky Rivera for turning in second grade's newsletter EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip: Setting Up a Flipped Classroom

Up and Coming...


  • 9 STAAR 3,4,5,6 Math
  • 10 STAAR 3, 4, 5, 6 Reading, Progress Reports go out
  • 11 STAAR 5 Science, Public School Paraprofessional Day
  • 12 6th Grade Band to Sandy Lake Contest, School Board Meeting 7:00, Kinder Program @ 6:30, Cici's Night
  • 13 Roo Fest Special Olympics
  • 16-18 5th Grade at Camp Grady Spruce
  • 16-19 BOGO Book Fair!!!
  • 17 6th grade band performs at 6:30 at Durant
  • 18 Abydos Training PreK-2, ARD day
  • 19 Abydos Training 3-6 ELA, Maverick Award Day for chocolate sales, Gina the Jewelry Lady, Kanga Crew to Center of Hope
  • 20 Field Day, Spirit Store, Jen at TECH graduation
  • 24 Good Citizen's Breakfast
  • 25 Staff Talent Show 2:00
  • 26 Early Release, Staff Recognition Assembly @ 1:30 WHS
  • 27 Early Release, Report Cards go home
  • 30 Memorial Day Holiday
  • 31 Staff Work Day

Love and Logic-Finishing the Race...and Enjoying It at the Same Time

Have you ever met a "sprinter parent"? Like athletes competing for the gold in a fifty-yard dash, they throw every erg of their energy into trying to deal with each instance of misbehavior. Determined to raise great kids, they spend almost every moment trying to correct their youngsters' behavior.

Here's the problem: Parenting is a marathon...not a 50-yard dash! Those who start the journey as sprinters quickly run out of energy, get frustrated, and view parenting as painful.

"Marathon parents" know how to pick their battles. Because they know that parenting is a life-long task, they ask the following questions when they deal with misbehavior:

•Is this behavior dangerous in any way?

•If my child continued to do this for his entire life, would it really be a problem?

•Is this behavior a chronic problem?

•Is this a battle I can win right now without first getting support or ideas from others?

If the answer to these questions is "No," wise parents give themselves permission to rest, relax and reflect. By doing so, they preserve the energy needed to address problems with definite "Yes" answers.