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How can I help?

Hi Friends,

I know I can go a little over the top when it comes to my love of learning about literacy! So often when coming across new tidbits of information that I think some might find helpful, I can't wait to share and usually do so by sending out emails. In an effort to keep everything in one place, I'd like to try this format and see how it works.

One thing I'd especially like to share is about writing strategy groups. Using a simple template and structure, sequences of strategy groups for specific writing behaviors that small groups of children need extra practice with can easily be planned. I have attached two plan sequences, specifically around writing conventions. One is designed to help children use spacing between their words consistently, and the other is focused on using lower case letters when writing. These lessons would be used primarily in first grade, but the same template can be used to develop lessons for any writing strategy at any grade level.

If you'd like help developing strategy group lessons, either on your own or as a grade level, please let me know. I would love to help! (This same technique can be used for reading.)