About the new bike monitors

New bikes and new monitors are here!!

This week we added 10 new bikes to our cycling room. We removed 7 of the oldest bikes in the room so we now have a room of 26 bikes. During the course of this week, the rest of our existing bikes will be outfitted with monitors too.

While we are chomping at the bit, we will not be coaching with the monitors this week. All the instructors are taking the week to become familiar with all the ins and outs of how they work. We are also meeting as a group later this week to make sure we are cohesive in our instructions while using them. However, if you are on a bike with a monitor, feel free to check it out during class.

We will have heart rate straps that clients can borrow during classes, but we recommend getting your own if its something you will want to use consistently. These monitors are compatible with Garmin straps or any other Ant + style straps.

We are all really excited for how this will expand our teaching and the diversity of profiles that we can offer you.

Todays line up.....

4pm Ryde and Sculpt w/Stacey

5:30pm CrossFit w/Christian (Full)

5:30pm House Ryde w/Jenny

6:35 ShockWave w/Christian

Shockwave Sizzle Reel