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Science Education Council of Ohio

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Give someone the gift that keeps on giving a membership to The Science Education Council of Ohio. This professional organization is passionate about strengthening Science Education in Ohio Schools. We learn best from each other! Spread your Science Love! We are dedicated to growing this organization!

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2016 SECO Conference Registration

WE have many amazing presentations for this year's conference. Technology infusion, literacy across the curriculum, and engineering and design integration are the focus this year. Science is the springboard needed to excite and engage kids. Join us to learn about these evolving areas in education. Registration is no open for this years conference! It will be held January 25-16, 2016. We have many great speakers lined up! We hope you can join us.


Conference Strands

Hybrid Learning - Technology Infused

  • Presenting learning opportunities using technology-rich configurations is a constantly evolving area in education today. From blended learning to flipped classrooms, learn about digital innovations that have been developed by teachers to maximize benefits to your classes and involve every student in the dynamic world of science in order to achieve productive learning experiences.

Literacy Across the Curriculum

  • Science is not limited to what we find in traditional science textbooks. In the tightly constricted time available in the classroom, integration is essential to become college and career ready. Integration of literacy skills and science processes provide students with rich learning opportunities. This will enable students to construct stronger content knowledge, develop more effective communication skills, demonstrate evidence-based reasoning, and apply critical thinking techniques.

Engineering and Design Integration
  • This strand will provide educators and stakeholders with guidance to help teachers shift from content-focused lessons to three-dimensional learning and assessment. The three dimensions of learning, as stated in NGSS, are science and engineering, disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts. These dimensions should be integrated in curricula, instruction, and assessment to support meaningful learning in science. Engaging all students in engineering design embodies the union of mathematics, science, and communication.