PlayBeatz Reviews - Is It Worth It

Is Playbeatz Worth The Money? Read Our Special Report

Looking for some quality in-ear wireless Bluetooth speakers that will give you the ultimate music listening experience? Why not try the specially-designed PlayBeatz? These earbuds come with features that will leave you in awe. They have had a lot of hype on several online platforms recently. I am here to tell you why they are among the top-rated earphones why they are worth your money.

In this PlayBeatz Review, I have highlighted the earphones’ key features, how they work, and what people already using them are saying. If you’re looking for quality, yet affordable earphones, read through to discover why PlayBeatz might just be your best bet.

What is PlayBeatz?

PlayBeatz are small in-ear wireless, Bluetooth earphones designed to deliver smooth, consistent, and high-quality audio. The earphones pair easily with multiple operating systems so you can use them on your iOS or Android devices, as well as with your PC. They are also designed to be used as a pair or individually, so in case you lose one the earbuds, you can still enjoy quality audio.

They come in a sleek design that makes them fit pleasantly in your ears. Unlike most other similar earbuds, PlayBeatz won’t fall off your ears no matter what activity you are on. Even during work out sessions, they will stay snug and cozy in the ears. And did I mention they have a strong and deep bass? Most small earbuds of this sort tend to have a problem with bass. The case is different with PlayBeatz. These pair of earphones will have you listening to music for hours.

Why Do I Need PlayBeatz?

Not so many earbuds of this size come with the quality of sound that PlayBeatz boasts of. The earphones will give you clear, high-quality audio that will have listening for long hours. The earphones are compatible with Android and iOS devices, which means you can sue them your iPhone or Android device. You can also use them on computers with various operating systems.

When using them on your smartphone, you can make and receive calls hands-free. Voice calls are loud and clear. PlayBeatz also come with a long-lasting performance. You can play music and talk for up 3 hours on a single charge. On Single Earbud Mode, you have up to 100 hours of playtime and up to 100 hours on Pair Earbud Mode.

The earphones are designed in such a way that they won’t fall off no matter what activity you’re doing. This makes them ideal for use while working out. You can use them when going out for a jog, when running, or when working out in the gym. They are made from high-quality materials, which make them durable. As we’ll see later, there are many more reasons you should try these innovative earbuds.

Technical Specifications of PlayBeatz

  • V4.2+ EDR to ensure rich quality sound
  • Noise cancellation with integrated high quality chip
  • Standby for up to 72 hours
  • Can fully charge for as little as 2 hours
  • Charging battery of case has a capacity of 500 mAh
  • Perfectly works for up to 10 meters
  • Pairing is easy

PlayBeatz Key Features

Super High-Quality

These earbuds are precision-made and the materials used are durable, providing you with a great music experience for longer.

Use Latest Bluetooth Technology

The earphones use the latest Bluetooth modes, making them up-to-date. The manufacturer guarantees excellent sound quality. The earphones also have a wide range of coverage (up to 33 ft. from your computer or smartphone)

Call Support

You can receive and make calls via PlayBeatz. When there’s an incoming call, the earphones will automatically switch to call mode so that you get crisp, clear voice calls. The earbuds will immediately go back to music when you are done with your call.

Compatible with Android and iOS

Whether you have an Android, iPhone, or PC, PlayBeatz will pair quickly without any troubles. Connections are strong and persistent, so you’re sure you won’t get any annoying dropouts and disconnections.

Other features include a high-capacity battery, unique design, and of course, super high value for your money.

Exclusive Features of PlayBeatz

  • It has a 500 mAh battery to ensure a long lasting performance
  • Built-in mic which will let you make or answer a call
  • Covers a total of 33 feet or area
  • Affordable which means that it is easy to afford
  • Extra bass and as a digital sound quality
  • Quickly paired laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Compatible for both Android and iOS devices
  • Standby time of up to a maximum of 72 hours and eight hours of playtime.
  • Lightweight

Benefits of Choosing PlayBeatz


One of the best things about PlayBeatz is that you don’t have to worry about any connectivity issues. It has the power to reach a total of 10 meters, which means that it can reach 33 feet without any type of obstacle. For as long as you are in this range, you don’t have to worry about connectivity.

Convenient Storage

Another benefit that you can get by purchasing and using PlayBeatz is that it comes with convenient storage. You can easily store this in your pocket or purse. The case is the one responsible for protecting your PlayBeatz to ensure that they are safe from dust and dirt. With the case, you don’t have to worry about PlayBeatz getting lost.

Hassle-Free Charging

Charging is easy since all you have to do is to plug the case to any USB and it will start recharging its battery. You’ll know that your battery is full once the light turns off. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Performance is Long Lasting

As mentioned, PlayBeatz has the ability to last long, both standby and playtimes. You have the option to listen to music for four to five hours straight without having to charge them. This is perfect if you go out to jog or work out at a fitness center. Your music will surely be continuous with PlayBeatz.

Fits Perfectly

PlayBeatz can perfectly snug into your ears comfortably which means that you don’t have to worry about anything. They will surely remain in your ear comfortably no matter how long you jog or workout.

PlayBeatz Rating and Recommendation

We compared PlayBeatz with two similar products from different brands, and the results were amazing. While all three products worked just right, we noticed that PlayBeatz was a lot more comfortable than the other two. PlayBeatz remained in the ears no matter what developments the user made. The other brands needed putting back every after a few minutes during such exercises as jogging.

The audio quality of PlayBeatz was also impressive. While all three earphone brands had bass, PlayBeatz’s was much deeper. Voice calls were also clearer and louder. Some of the advantages of using PlayBeatz of the other Brands include:

  • Hassle-free charging. You can charge them on your laptop with USB
  • Small and compact, providing convenient storage
  • Up to 100 hours playtime
  • You can use a single earbud
  • Compatibility with multiple operating systems so you can use them on your iPhone, Android devices, as well as on your PC

Reviews on PlayBeatz

There are numerous PlayBeatz reviews and testimonials on various online and offline platforms. The average star rating for these reviews was 4.2, indicating that most people already using these earphones are impressed by their performance. Most customers particularly indicated that the earbuds had a great sound quality, comfortable, and they provide really good value for money.

ProductReviews and the official product website had over 500 reviews, with the majority rating the earphones 4+ stars. We hardly found any negative reviews. In case you are looking for small wireless earphones that will give you great sound quality when listening to music, then PlayBeatz earbuds are worth your money. Try them today, and you’ll not regret it.

Testimonials From PlayBeatz

"Been wanting to have wireless earphones and luckily, I cam across PlayBeatz and immediately purchased it. To my surprise, it works just like the other wireless headphones that my friends have. I love the sound and the bass whenever I try party songs or any songs with rich bass. I can truly say that I am happy with my purchase."

"I gave this as a gift to my sister since she's been wanting me to give her one. I found PlayBeatz as an affordable alternative to high-end ones and was actually a little hesitant to give it to her but I did. Surprisingly, she loved it a lot and I even tried it on and was surprised with how good it sounds. It also fit on my ears comfortably. I am going to purchase another one for me!"

Where to Buy PlayBeatz Today

You can get PlayBeatz on the manufacturer’s official website. They are giving new customers discounts of up to 50%. You also get free shipping. You might want to hurry because this is limited.

Their customer support staff is attentive and welcoming. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact and ask them. You can contact them via email: or give them a call through:

Canada: +1778300 0854

USA: +1609 414 7087

The UK and Ireland: +448708 200084

Australia and New Zealand: +6128607 8316