December 5, 2014

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Hour of Code

Next week HMS students will be involved in the Hour of Code experience. This is a national program to promote computer sciences and programming. Thousands of students will be participating across the country. I would like to challenge you all to join me and get involved in this activity. Susan Newton will be sending out information and how to sign up. You do not need to have any prior experience or skills. Just the desire to play and learn. This would be a great way to connect with your students!

Holiday Assembly Schedule

We will be having our annual FLIGHT Holiday Assembly on Friday, Dec. 19th at the end of the day. Our schedule will be modified but it will allow us to see all classes in order for a shorter time. I tried to stay close to LMS' schedule to help with shared teachers. The time schedule is below.
If you are a traveling teacher and need help, please let me know.

Assembly Options

I am offering some alternatives to supervision during our holiday assembly. We are always looking for time to work with teams or improve our tech so here are some options you can choose:
1. Supervise during the assembly
2. Meet with your interdisciplinary team to review student plans and begin looking at 2nd semester.
3. Work in the LMC on updating and improving your website/ web presence for 2nd semester. There will be eLeads teachers and Scott Heeke available to help and guide you.
You will need to choose one of these three options and let me know by filling out the link below.
Please have it submitted by the end of next week.
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Final Grades

We are getting close to the end of the semester and I'm sure stress is going up among students. Please be sure you have done the following so you have a smooth end to the semester:
1. Broadcast your black out dates if you have them. Post it on the board, send an email home, etc to make sure they are on top of it.
2. Have grades up to date so students and parents have a realistic idea of their grade. Don't surprise them by entering grades from old assignments and tests.
3. Communicate with students and parents about low grades now. This should include D's, F's or a grade that has dropped drastically.
4. If you have students that you think would benefit form Learning Strategies, let Tim and Julia know so they can look at 2nd semester schedules.

Staff Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanks to everyone who brought food and joined us for our staff Thanksgiving dinner. It was great to share time together. I think we have started a new tradition!
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PCC Budget

The Positive Climate Committee has done an incredible job of using your money to sponsor great activities. They have put together the budget below to let you know how the money has been spent. If you still have not paid your dues, it's not too late. Please take care of this.

* This budget is based off of all dues collected. Thanks to all who have contributed to the PCC fund this year!


2014-2015 PCC Budget:

Christmas Party Fund - $250.00 (includes gratuity)

Treat Cart Fund - $165.00 (3 carts)

Funeral Fund - $40.00

Cards - $30.00

End of the Year Celebration- $200.00

Summer Gathering- $100.00

Monthly Activities - 105.00

“Souper Bowl”- $50.00

Misc. - $180.00

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