The sea of monsters

by Rick Riordan

Main Characters of the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson - Son of Poseidan ( Neptune )

Annabeth Chase - daughter of Athena and fellow comrade of Percy and Grover.

Athena - Goddess of wisdom

Grover Underwood - Styx and best friend of percy

Luke Castellan - Son of Hermes

Hermes - Messager or gods

Chiron - The great Teacher

Tyson - Cyclops and brother of Percy and son of Poseidan ( Neptune )

Poseidan - God of the sea and earth quakes ,nickname "The Earth Shaker"


In the first book the lightning thief is where Percy learned that his father is Poseidan . Poseidan is the god of the sea as well as the god of thunder storms and earthquakes.

Shorty after Percy was "claimed" by his father Poseidan , Zeus the god of the sky and ruler of gods accused Percy of stealing his lightning bolt and the same thing for Hades but for Hades it was his helmet of darkness. Hades is the god of underworld or the dead for short.

Percy ends up proving his innocence by bring back the helmet and the lightning bolt to their original owners . Throughout the adventure Percy met many people from many different backgrounds .


Like every hero in every myth they are back on another quest. But this time it's not stolen god weapons it's to save his new home Camp half-blood . Camp half-blood is a camp that only half-bloods or a very few mythical creatures can enter as went as gods of course. Now the problem is that the shield or the boundary that keeps the bad mythical creatures out is fading . So sooner or later the boundary is going to dissolve and make camp half-blood vulnerable to the hordes of hostile creatures . To prevent the Boundary from dissolving Percy has been given the quest to collect the golden fleece .


I Recommend this to ages ranging from about 3rd grade or 9 years to about 10th grade or about the age of 16. The reasoning for this is that a reading it at a too early age all you would be thinking is monster yeah it's dead another monster Yeah that one is going to die too. Too old of a age you tend not too have very much imagination well it's just a matter or us humans becoming more mature . About this age range you can unleash your imagination to a certain extent but you normally would be about to see flashing images that would be so well described in the book. Such say the monsters or the little magic that they have in the book . It's really basic on the being able to use the young imaginary mind that we used when we were little kid. I may be wrong about age range but it's better than saying 3rd grade and 4th grade because that's when you barely are about the start really thinking about the books that you may read.


My opinion i that i enjoyed the book . Well written and way too intense on those cliff hangers until. It allowed me to use my Imagination so predict what was going on in the story . I Enjoy reading books that let me Imagination run wild and not have to stop at less until the end of the book but it's nice to be able to use my Imagination because of a book.