Darry curtis

What is Darry doing?

Darry still lives in the same house he doesnt worry about bills now since ponyboy went to college and sodapop has the bed to him self. They now get better things since they dont have anyone else to waste money on. " All darry does is work and sometimes go to the gym he wasnt like that ever since mom and dad died".

Where is darry now?

Darry is now still the same person fixing roofs like he said he was before he goes to the gym but rarely goes.Darry is still in Oklahoma and only worries about his brothers he is almost in retirement but he wants to go to retirement when he feels his back is getting weak from all the lifting and crouching.

Things Darry does

What does darry want to do now?

He is thinking about going to retirement so he doesnt want to worry about the bills and he have back problems. Darry doesnt feel like doing anything now he wished he wouldve listened to pony for trying out things but he was always busy with the bills. He is thinking about a retirement in Oklahoma because he still loves his brothers and doesnt want to be away from them. All Darry just did was work and rarely got to do activities but waht he did was go to the gym work and do responsibilities at home.