Garage Sale at our Neighborhood

New unused items for cheap!

Need a park for the kids

We, the people who live in the Cresleigh Neighborhood, need money to make a park for the kids, because unfortunately, we do not have one. So, at my house, 1601 Rio Vista Way, we will have a garage sale with all our things we bought and haven't used, up for sale for all you people who are reading this. Tell your friends and family too!

Many different things to buy!

We have books, glasses, sports stuff, T.V.'s, and more up for grabs and for a cheap price.

Saturday, March 15th, 10am-5pm

1601 Rio Vista Way

Yuba City, CA

We take a one hour lunch break at 12 PM
Please help. It'll be a win-win situation! You get nice things for cheap, and with the money we make, we'll be able to make a park for the kids.