Reach for the Stars!

Noteworthy News for the Week of 2/24/20


This week we’ll continue to work with distinguishing between adjectives and adverbs!

We’ll also be continuing to make inferences! Through poetry and realistic fiction texts, we’ll be able to use our inferencing skills to better identify the theme of these pieces. Our third graders are hard at work reading between the lines!

After delving into the tall tales of Paul Bunyan, analyzing a collection of Aesop’s fables, and reflecting on short stories with strong central messages, students have been exposed to enriching texts that have made quite an impression on us, as both readers and authors! Our mentor texts allowed us to learn about these special literary genres! We loved identifying the many forms of figurative language that help to make these tales more descriptive! We were also able to really discuss and consider an author’s, reader’s and a character’s point of view. We look forward to digging deeper to integrate this new knowledge with our opinion writing! Students continue to embrace this form of writing and support their claims with reasoning and evidence. This week students will be asked to consider two mentor texts and form an opinion piece depicting which one has the stronger central message. This is a unique way for them to continue to strengthen their skills in the reading & writing connection!

Building Dictionary Skills

This week students took part in activity allowing them to utilize an online dictionary. This opportunity allowed them to locate definitions, consider word variety, identify various parts of speech and incorporate context clues in their own self-generated sentences. Feel free to encourage them to use this same website,, at home! Thank you!


This week students will continue to apply what they have learned about the relationship between multiplication and division. They will also take part in a hands-on "Create a Zoo" project based learning opportunity to apply what they have learned about area and perimeter. As we often discuss in our math conversations, we use math every single day in our lives!

On Friday, the students will take part in a Bridges Unit #5-Multiplication, Division & Area Post-Assessment. Over the course of the last month students have worked hard through in-class activities, small group opportunities, class forums, hands-on work places, team notes and forming anchor charts displaying visual strategies to help build their knowledge on the concepts covered in our fourth unit. Our focus continues to be on helping students grow and learn, therefore we do not place a percent or “grade” on the assessments. We use these as a way to measure growth and an opportunity to reteach concepts & extend student learning. Students know that they are welcome to use resources such as their team notes (in their class notebooks) and any other previous in-class or homework assignments that they feel would be beneficial while taking the assessment. At the end of every unit, families will receive pre & post assessment scores, along with the Bridges mastery scale. Thank you so much for your support!

Spring Conferences!

Spring Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 19th from 3:30-8:00 pm & Friday, March 20th from 8:00 am-noon. Using the information that Mrs. Filippi shared on Wednesday, February 19th, please sign up for the 15-minute time slot that works best for you and your child. In order to ensure that students are also a part of the reflection and goal setting process, the third grade students will be joining us for our conference time. For those that may not be able to attend due to spring break plans, students will be creating video presentations that they can share with you at a time in which it is convenient for your family. Thank you for your support & collaboration!

Water & Climate (Science)

Last week we discussed a variety of ways in which meteorologists study weather as we explored the water cycle. We look forward to an upcoming activity where we will be learning about various climates around the globe. This will then conclude our science unit on Water & Climate!

Coming Soon...Economics!

After concluding our science focus on Water & Climate, we will then kick off our next social studies unit, Economy! This tech-infused, interactive unit will include concepts such as bartering, budgeting, managing expenses, along with making deposits and withdrawals. They will be using interactive notebooks and our Social Studies Alive text to not only learn but converse about supply, demand and global trade.

Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Week at Sherwood School!

We have a dress up day theme to go along with a Dr. Seuss story each day for students and staff during Dr. Seuss Week/Read Across America Week:

    • Monday 2/24: Cat in the Hat: Crazy Hat & Hair Day

    • Tuesday 2/25: I Am Not Getting Up Today: Pajama Day

    • Wednesday 2/26: Wacky Wednesday: Backwards/Mismatch Day

    • Thursday 2/27: My Many Colored Days: Favorite Color Day AND Guest Reader Day at Sherwood

    • Friday 2/28: The Foot Book: Silly Sock & Slipper Day

Six Flags Reading Opportunity!

Mrs. Nekritz is leading the school in the Six Flags Great America’s Read to Succeed program! If students complete the form, (sent home with students on Friday, February 21st) parents may use the directions provided to receive a free Six Flags Great America voucher! Don't miss this special opportunity!

Panda Jar Celebration!

The Stars of 3K celebrated with their Choice Time celebration this week! They also set their next class extra class recess. I admire the way that the class works hard to earn their pandas and fill our jar! I am so proud of the many positive choices students are making throughout the school day! 3K shines!

Calendar Reminders!

Just a friendly reminder that there is an early release scheduled for Friday, February 28th. In addition, there is no school on Monday, March 2nd, in honor of Casimir Pulaski Day.

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks (extra learning opportunities) are a hit! Kudos to the kiddos that opted to take part in this optional opportunity! Please remember that these activities are completely OPTIONAL. Students can access these opportunities on our Reach for the Stars Google Site! If your child is looking for something fun to do this weekend, these just may be the answer your looking for!

Thank You!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions and feedback. I really appreciate your support!