Leatherback Turtle

Endangered Species Project Andrew Bryant Period 7


Common name: Leatherback Turtle

Scientific name: Dermochelys coriacea

Caribbean Sea (One of the Leatherback's Habitat Locations)

New Habitat for Leatherback Turtle (Sideways)

Average temp: 60 degrees

Water source: ocean

Leatherback Turtle Drawing

Food Web


Physical Adaptations:

Shell: the shell is used to protect the turtle.

Long flippers: the flippers are used to move swiftly through the water.

Behavioral Adaptations:

Dive deeper at dawn: Leatherbacks dive deeper at dawn because jellyfish dive deeper at dawn, and the Leatherbacks follow them to eat them.

Breathe sparsely: Leatherbacks breathe sparsely because it allows more time for hunting.

Energy Pyramid

Effects of Introducing to a Zoo

The only problem might be that the Turtle does not like the noise and hides in the tank.

Why it is Endangered

The Leatherback Turtle is endangered because plastic bags look like its main food source, the jellyfish. The Leatherback will eat the plastic bag, thinking it's a jellyfish, and die.