Preventive Care

By: Brennon Gifford


A mammogram is a x-ray of breast. This x-ray is to see if women with no signs of breast cancer have breast cancer. This operation is only for women. A women the age of 40 or above should go and have one of these test done. the amount of time that women should go to get test is dependent on what is discuss between the doctor and the patient. This test is meant to detect breast cancer. You can prevent these by having healthy habits

Pap smears

A pap smears is a test that to see if there is any problems with a girls cervix. Women should be the only ones getting these tests. Girls should probably get this test done at the age of 21. This test should be done every 3 years. This test just looks for any infection to the vagina. The way you can help not getting infections is to keep your vagina clean.
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Testicular exams

This test makes sure there isn't any unusual bumps or lumps in the testicular area. Males should be the only people getting these exams. Between the ages of 15 and 35 should men start getting these test. You should do this perform this every month. This exam should detect testicular cancer. How to prevent this is to make sure you examine yourself every month.
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Prostate exam

A prostate exam is where a doctor put a finger up your rectum. This is only for males. This test you for prostate cancer. At age 40 you should get an exam. You can't really prevent prostate cancer. You should get these exams done annually.
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