Piper Prairie Friday Weekly Blast

September 25th, 2020

Greetings Piper Prairie Families,

We hope you are doing well and thank you for your time in reading this short message to all of our Pirate families.

On behalf of our entire staff, I wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm, encouragement, patience, and perseverance as we successfully began this very unique school year. For weeks, our entire staff had been eagerly anticipating the long-awaited return of our students, and we have truly enjoyed each of the opportunities we have had so far to get to know and work with your child(ren). In reflecting on the past few weeks and months as we prepared to reopen, we know we would not have been able to do this successfully without your support. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, we look forward to working with your child(ren) and we look forward to celebrating successes with you throughout the year!


Mrs. Grable

We have been designated as an Exemplary High Performing National Blue Ribbon School for 2020 by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos!

We are proud to announce that Piper Prairie Elementary School (our old name) has been designated as an Exemplary High Performing National Blue Ribbon School for 2020 by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

Our school is one of 367 schools in the nation and one of six school from Kansas to be recognized in 2020. Click HERE to watch the 2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools Announcement and find out additional information about the award.

What does it mean that we received the "Exemplary High Performing" award? It means our school has the state's highest achieving students (the top 15%) in English and Mathematics, measured by state assessments. Every year the U. S. Department of Education seeks out and celebrates great American schools, schools demonstrating that all students can achieve to high levels.

The coveted National Blue Ribbon Schools award affirms the hard work of educators, families, and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging and engaging content.

We were nominated and notified at this time last year by the Secretary of Education but we had to keep it private until the schools were announced by the Secretary of State. Boy was it hard to keep this a secret!!! Throughout last year we completed the application process to capture our story on what was so special about our school and what set us apart from other schools. After completion of our application that was due last April, our application was reviewed for accuracy, quality, and completeness. Then in August of this year, the state of Kansas certified that we met all eligibility requirements. On September 24th, 2020 the Secretary of Education announced the 2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools and we happened to be one of them!!!

Usually two representative from each school attends a recognition ceremony in Washington, DC.. Unfortunately, due to the state and local restrictions due to COVID, the awards ceremony will not be held in person as planned. They will be holding a virtual recognition ceremony to celebrate our school's success on November 12th & 13th. Details to come.

We are a uniquely powerful school that capitalizes on community support, inclusion, and parent involvement. Our students are at the center of everything we do. This award couldn't have come at a better time to honor the continued hard work of our students, staff, families, and community.


~Mrs. Grable

Building Parent Meeting Video in Case You Missed It!

Thank you Prairie Families for attending our Parent Meetings via Zoom this week.

In case you missed it, click HERE to view our Building Parent Meeting video. It introduces parents to some of the day-to-day operations you may need to know as well as how our nurse, library, counseling, and food services work. We added Kathy from the bus department this year.

Family Survey....

How are we doing?

Please take a few minutes to let us know how we are doing.

We appreciate your feedback. Click HERE for the Family Survey.

1ST Grade Remote Students Only! 2nd Grade Remote Students are NEXT! Stay Tuned!

What: Reading/Math Fastbridge Testing

When: September 29th & September 30th

Where: Piper Prairie Elementary (outside and/or inside)

Who: Testing Team

Katelinn Johnson (PPE Title I Teacher)

Kristin Miller (PPE Title I Aide)

Mary Patterson (PCE Title I Teacher)

Carmean Volp (PCE Title I Aide)

Why: In order to best instruct our remote learners we have set up a testing team of four individuals to complete one on one assessments for reading and math. We have created a sign up genius and are asking that you choose a day (Sept. 29th OR Sept 30th) and time that works best for you to bring your child to Piper Prairie where they will complete Fastbridge assessments measuring their reading and math skills. This testing will be completed during a 30 minute time slot followed by all surfaces being sanitized before the next student arrives.

This information is important for our teachers to create lessons that target the needs of their students and provide the best instruction for their growing minds.

This testing is not mandatory. However, the state of Kansas has allowed districts to invite remote students in for diagnostic testing. This is being presented as an option for gaining additional insight into our remote learners in order to best meet their needs. If you would prefer outdoor testing please make note of that in the comments section when signing up on the Sign Up Genius Form, here.

Please know that your child’s temperature will be taken before they get out of the car, masks will be required at all times and handwashing will take place before and after the assessments.

We appreciate all you are doing and look forward to seeing your students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

My email is kjohnson1@piperschools.us

Phone: 913-721-1243 (ext. 6199)

Thank you,

Katelinn Johnson

Remote Learning Norms

  • Daily school attendance will be taken in the morning and afternoon for remote students.
  • If your child has an appointment or is ill and cannot participate in their scheduled Zoom, please send an email to your child's teacher and Mrs. Kendra, our office secretary, to avoid an unexcused absence.
  • Daily completion of assignments is expected, not optional.
  • If a parent or caregiver has questions during the Zoom, please respect the teaching and learning time and email your child's teacher. They will get back with you when they are not teaching in the classroom.
  • Only the student should be active on a Zoom. Parents, siblings, or pets should not be on the call.
  • Teachers provide content and instruction. Parents of remote students are expected to provide guidance and direction for students.
  • Remote students are expected to follow the daily class schedule.
  • If you have questions, teachers are expected to respond within 24 hours.


Hopefully by now you have received the GREAT news that students no longer have to complete a daily learning log for the days they are learning remotely.

However, we do have just ONE form that we need you to complete ONE TIME for all students in your family. The form is in Skyward and should take you less than 60 seconds to complete! Please CLICK HERE to find the directions attached to this message. We appreciate your family completing the form at your earliest convenience.

Dr. Dain

News From Nurse Chelsea...

Wyco Schools & COVID-19: What to do if a student gets sick or is exposed to COVID-19. Click HERE to read.

I know some of you are not 100% sure when to stay home and/or see a doctor. Hopefully this will help some.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms:

Cough, headache, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, fever (> 100), chills, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath.....

Do this:

1. Contact me (and Mrs. Grable) via email or phone

2. Go home (or stay at home if you are there)

3. If comfortable, I recommend COVID testing

4. If choosing to not test, you must have a differential diagnosis from a doctor (this is a doctors note basically stating you are good to come back to work)

To return you need 1 of the following:

-- Negative COVID results, symptom free, and 72 hours fever free with no meds

-- Positive COVID results, 10 days have passed since symptoms started & 72 hours fever free

-- Doctors note of differential diagnosis

I completely understand a lot of these symptoms will not be due to Covid. However, we are living in a different time right now and must take the precautions for our staff and students.

Students are being asked to follow the same returning to school guidelines.

Thank you all for your patience with me and working through each situation. I know it seems impossible sometimes, but try to get sleep, drink water, eat some nutritious food and take care of yourself :)

Attendance: Please give a reason to why your student is out sick when calling the attendance line. Follow up phone calls will be made if more information is needed.

We know that this is a very difficult time, but our goal is to keep students and staff healthy.

Nurse Chelsea

Technology Support

If you need help with Clever or Canvas, email Ms. Heather at aheather@piperschools.us.

If you need help with SeeSaw, email Mrs. Martin at rmartin@piperschools.us.

Here are some videos to make sure you can get on your child's canvas account through clever and to sync your account with an observer.

Parent Guide for Canvas

Google Chrome Clever and Canvas (Pairing In Canvas is also in this Video)

iPad Clever App and Canvas App

Sign up for Canvas Account as Parent

TECHNOLOGY Support & Tips from the district. Click HERE

  • How to Get Support
  • Student Usernames for Google/Chromebooks
  • Parent Login for Canvas

If you are still needing a device for your child, our district is working hard to get them in your child's hands. We will reach out to you and let you know when they have been delivered to our building and ready to distribute.


Are you having problems with your Chromebook or iPad?

If you need immediate support for your student(s) device or any services offered by the District, you can call our technology support company K12itc at 816.382.4840.


Wednesday Meal Pick-Up

Our Food Service Department is working hard to make meal pick-up for our remote families as easy as possible. With hybrid students in session at the Middle School on Wednesdays, the staff has had to make some slight adjustments to the pick-up location to keep traffic flowing for both meal pick-ups and the middle school dropoff line. On Wednesdays only, meal pick-ups at Piper Middle School will be moved further up the sidewalk toward the former East Elementary. Staff will be outside distributing meals with a sign showing you that you're in the right spot.

We appreciate our partnership with Opaa! Food Management to provide students with healthy breakfast and lunch options. Whether students are on-site or remote, Opaa! is dedicated to providing our students the fuel they need. Please see this link for their beginning of year information.

FOR HYBRID STUDENTS ONLY… To follow state guidelines to help students stay safe, lunch and breakfast will be eaten in the students’ classrooms. The OPAA! Staff will be delivering breakfast to the classrooms each morning for students who order breakfast items. To order breakfast for your child, you must fill out this form during the week prior. Each week, breakfast ordering is due Friday at 11:59 pm for the following week. You may, if you like, order for more than one week at a time.

Birthday treats from outside the school may not be brought into the building. However, our OPAA! staff will have an order form and be able to make cupcakes, cookies, etc. for your child’s birthday treat! The birthday treat order form will be available before school starts.

Bus Transportation

If you have questions about anything related to transportation, please feel free to reach out to our District Transportation Manager, Kathy German at: kathy.german@dsbuslines.com


YMCA will offer before and/or after school care options as well as Fridays at an additional cost. If you are interested, please click HERE.

Piper Prairie Arrival Procedure

Click HERE to read and review our arrival procedures

Piper Prairie Dismissal Procedure

Click HERE to read and review our dismissal procedures.

K/1 Cars EXIT RIGHT ONLY onto Leavenworth Road to alleviate congestion


  • School Hours are 8:35am - 3:45pm (5 minutes has been added to our school day)

  • Students may enter the building @ 8:30am

  • Students need to be in their classrooms by 8:40am to avoid a tardy slip. We will start dismissal at 3:35pm.

  • Students arriving after 9:15am will be counted as 1/2 day absent.

  • Students leaving before 3:35 pm will be counted as 1/2 day absent.

  • Tardy Policy: 5 Tardies = 1 unexcused absence

  • All transportation changes MUST be made by 2:30pm on the day the change is requested to ensure that the teacher is notified in time and your child arrives home safely.

  • Student Half Days: Transportation changes will need to be called in by 10:30am.

  • Students Arriving Late: If your child has an appointment of any kind that causes him/her to arrive late to school, please call the office. Once you arrive at the school, please call the office and an office staff member will walk out to your car, take your child's temperature and let them into school. Pleas have a doctor's note for the absence to be excused.

  • Students Leaving Early: If your child has an appointment of any kind that causes him/her to leave early from school, please call the office when you arrive. After you arrive, we will call your child's classroom and walk them out to your car.

  • Please call and let the office know if your child is absent or will be late coming to school. Our office will call and verify that your child is safely at home if we have not received notification from you. The office number is: 913-721-1243
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