Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality - Explained by Common Craft (Free Version)

AR combines real world objects and virtual content. Think of QR codes on steroids! Using AR has some unique advantages over QR codes.

  • AR targets can give you an idea of the linked content.
  • AR can use real-life objects as the target.
  • AR can be interactive.

AR Can Work... the Early Childhood Classroom

AR Flashcards allow you to scan a target flashcard to see a 3D pop-up version of the card's contents. When you touch the pop-up on your mobile device, it talks! the Math Classroom

Fetch! Lunch Rush is an addition and subtraction app based on characters from PBS Kids. Students are asked to solve math problems using numbers 1-10 by scanning the correct number. Up to 4 students can play with one device, so this would make a great math station!

... in the Science classroom. the ELAR classroom

ColAR Mix

Students color special coloring sheets, and use the ColAR Mix app to bring the artwork to life. Use the creations to inspire descriptive and narrative writing.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

This beautifully written and illustrated book about the power of words and stories comes to life with the help of the IMAG-N-O-TRON app. The story would make a great library introduction, or it could be a great inspiration for illustrating pages of books students have read. the Social Studies Classroom

Freedom Stories, compiled by the Harriet Tubman Institute, detail 30 key people, places, and events related to the Underground Railroad and the migration of African-Americans in North America. Each different target includes images with audio narration. Besides being a great way for students to access multimedia materials, this app is also a great example of ways older students can use AR to create their own projects.

Create Your Own Augmented Reality

AR Components

Trigger - The image or object that your video, image, or 3D model attaches to; reality

Overlay - The content that initiates when the trigger is scanned; augmentation

Aurasma Lite

  1. Create an Aura on a mobile device - Super easy option
  2. Join Aurasma as a partner - Allows you to create a channel; anyone who follows your channel can access your Auras.

Ideas for Instruction

  • Book trailers
  • Illustrate how to solve math problems
  • Embed supplemental videos and materials into existing texts
  • Add video examples and illustrations to your word wall
  • Language tags for emerging readers or ESL/ELL students
  • Create scavenger hunts
  • Create virtual manuals for equipment or materials.
  • Interactive bulletin boards
  • Additional activities or instructions for learning stations

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