Sloan Creek Intermediate School

The Leopard- December 1st

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3 Focuses for High Reliability

Nuts and Bolts

Welcome Back Staff-

We hope you had a restful and relaxing break. I have asked our parents not to contact you over the break, so I hope they were respectful of your time. We intentionally have not sent the leopard over the break in an effort to try not to send out anything while you were resting and recharging for the end of the semester focus on our kids.

10 quick reminders to finish strong:

  1. Grades- are you on track to have 10 minor and 2 major.
  2. **Progress reports are due on Monday, December 7th at 7:45 a.m.**
  3. Please ensure all tests are on the master calendar, Teri Duncan can help you with this.
  4. Please ensure that you have enough time at the end of December that you can reteach and re-test major grades. I would strongly encourage you not to be giving large format major grades after Wednesday, December 9th to allow you time for mastery learning and retesting.
  5. All grades should be input within 3 days of students completing work
  6. Our goal is to have all parent communication returned within 24 hours
  7. If you need to leave during the school day for any reason, please sign out.
  8. Communication committee meets today after school, if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please them know so we can problem solve to come up with what is best for our learners.
  9. All visitors must sign in during the school day, please do not let them in the side doors
  10. Please do not release students for any reason prior to the bell.


(see SCIS master academic calendar)


Tuesday 12.1.15

Communication Committee meets 3:30-4:30 in Ms. Hopkins Room

D King B-Day

Jvett Kemp B-Day

Wednesday 12.2.15

STUCO will be leaving class at 2:00 p.m for round table discussion

Staff Meeting-Committees

ILT meets re: Legacy leaders 3:15

Thursday 12.3.15

5th grade Chorale Field Trip

6th SS Semester Final

GT SS Unit 2 test

Fine arts Practice 3:00-4:00

Friday 12.4.15
Principal Coffee 7:45- 8:30 (Teaching kids to study)

6th SS Semester Final

GT SS Unit 2 test

GT Math 5th-Dennis

Band Fine Arts Festival


SCIS Gift of Time Coverage- Please use a 2 period block of time to give back to your families, get some shopping done without your children, or attend your child's school. You are welcome to use your back to back conference periods and lunches if you like. If you need additional coverage please click the form here to sign up. SCIS Gift of Time Coverage-

You may place your name in any 2 periods that GREEN for open.

Monday 12.7.15
***Progress Reports Grades DUE 7:45 a.m.***

A Team 8:30-10-cancelled

5th GT SS-Anderson

Tuesday 12.8.15

GT6 LAVA 2.3 Quiz
5th SS test
Progress Reports Home

Wednesday 12.9.15

Agnes Wayan B-Day
5th Math Unit 5 exam
SPLITSVILLE Staff Christmas Party 3:30-5:30

Thursday 12.10. 15
Geography Bee 7:45-10:54 Cafeteria
N Lewis B-Day

Friday 12.11.15
6th Math Unit 3


Monday 12.14.15

Reindeer Games- "All aboard the polar express" Teachers can wear slippers and we'll serve hot coco.

Semester Exam GT6Math
6th Math Unit 3

Tuesday 12.15.15

Reindeer Games- "Painting with a twist"- Staff ornament painting during lunchtime

Semester Exam GT6Math

Wednesday 12.16.15
Reindeer Games-"Warm up Wednesday" Staff is encouraged to wears sweats/warm-ups!

Semester Exam GT6Math


H Dale B-Day

Staff Mtg - Vertical

Thursday 12.17.15
Reindeer Games- "Teams dress as your favorite Christmas song or story character" Prizes will be awarded for most original, no explanation needed and most participants overall. Christmas cookies will be severed all day in teachers lounge.
Semester Exam GT6Math
Leopard Leader Breakfast

Friday 12.18.15

Reindeer Games- "Christmas Social" Wear your holiday shirt and jeans (half day)

Grading period ends

** = Action Items **

SCIS Master Academic Calendar

Click here to check to see when summative assessments are being planned. Please only 1 summative assessment per grade level per day. All summative assessments should be on this calendar and your personal google calendar on your website please

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