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Volume VIII, Issue 4 - November 15, 2017

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Editorial: Being an Ambassador for the Army

Will you be attending a Christmas kettle in the next few weeks? If so, whether it is your first time at this task or your 51st time, try to keep in mind that for many of those you meet and greet it will be their only contact with the Army during the year, and we really want that contact to be positive!

So even if your back aches, your feet hurt, and you certainly don’t feel like smiling, try to have a cheerful greeting for all – whether they donate or not, and perhaps especially the one or two people who might make a disparaging comment about the Army. Remember the first clause of our mission statement “The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ ..” - is there a better reason to smile from the heart?

Christmas Kettles – Keeping our People and Donations Safe

With the Christmas kettles season now upon us, we remind you of procedures that help to safeguard our workers and the donated funds:

  • Ensure that every kettle worker has a contact number to call if difficulties are encountered.

  • Secure the kettle bubble to the stand so no one can grab it and run.

  • Lock the bubble with a padlock; keep the key on Army property, and don’t open the bubble until back there.

  • Never leave a kettle bubble unattended; if workers are to be on duty for a long time, arrange for periodic relief.

  • If a donor can’t reach the bubble and asks the worker to drop their donation into it, the worker should do so right away, while the donor is there.

  • Make sure that the pick-up and transportation of kettle bubbles is done by two persons.

  • Ensure that the kettle bubbles are opened and counted by two unrelated persons, on Army property; the totals should be recorded and signed by them.

  • Keep funds in a safe that complies with Section 6009 of the Territorial Finance Manual until they can be counted and deposited; deposits should be made no later than the next business day. If funds are not counted immediately, ensure that they are stored in a tamper proof bag with signatures of the two people who placed them there on the seal so that you will know if they have been tampered with prior to counting.

  • Consider using an armoured car service for making large bank deposits.

Church Successfully Defends Lawsuit by Volunteer

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice case (Baltadijian v The Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria, 2017 ONSC 61) will be of significant interest to ministry units that use volunteers for renovation or maintenance projects.

Charities and other not-for-profit organizations often use volunteers for these projects to save money. Unfortunately, injuries can happen, as in this case in which the defendant church sought volunteers to paint the interior walls of the church. The plaintiff fell from an eight foot ladder, suffering serious head injury. He was not wearing a safety hat, safety shoes or fall arrest equipment.

The plaintiff’s case was dismissed on the basis that he failed to establish that the church was negligent or that it had breached its obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. A significant factor leading to this conclusion was that the plaintiff fell while attempting to install a twenty-four-inch piece of quarter round at the ceiling – something that was not requested by the church and, in fact, was discouraged by a supervisor who wanted the volunteers to focus on painting.

In dismissing the claim, the judge considered several factors, including the following:

  • The church provided a stable ladder, a flat and stable working surface, and instruction regarding proper safety expectations.

  • The church had a knowledgeable volunteer who supervised the other volunteers.

  • The plaintiff did not ask for assistance or ground support.

  • The church maintained general compliance observation and monitoring expectations.

  • The plaintiff fell when undertaking a voluntary repair.

  • The plaintiff was not wearing a hard hat, boots, or fall protection, the latter not being required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) for work on an eight-foot ladder.

  • The church did not breach OHSA provisions, indicating a reasonably safe environment.

It may sometimes seem that, regardless of precautions taken by an organization, liability is bound to follow. This is a contrary example. While the considerations referred to by the court should not be used as a check-list to insulate from liability for potential injuries, organizations should note that proper instruction and preparation, along with sound equipment and oversight, can go a long way towards demonstrating that an organization has met the requisite standard of care.

Did You Know? Don't bet, even on apparent certainties!

In 1965 Andre Francois Raffray, a 47-year-old lawyer in southern France, made the deal of a lifetime. Charmed by an apartment in Arles, he persuaded the widow living there that if he paid her 2,500 francs (then about $500) a month until she died, she would leave it to him in her will. Since she was already 90, it seemed like a safe bet. Thirty years later Mr. Raffray was dead and the widow, Jeanne Louise Calment, was still going strong. When she eventually passed away at 122, having become the world's oldest person, the Raffray family had paid her more than twice the value of the house.

(From The Economist, July 8, 2017)

Who's Who - Nilus Rubanathan

Nilus is the Director of Financial Accounting for Ontario Great Lakes region. He has been at the THQ Finance department since April 2017.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Financial Management and the professional accounting qualification CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) in the UK. After arriving in Canada, he obtained his CPA, CMA designation.

Nilus has worked in various industries including distribution, education, health and construction. His passion for the not-for-profit sector started in 2008 when he worked for an international children’s charity called ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) in England.

Nilus and his wife enjoy spending time with their year-old daughter going to parks and beaches. Whenever he gets a chance, he likes to go kayaking.

Finance Department Offices

2 Overlea Blvd
Toronto, ON M4H 1P4
(416) 425.2111 ext. 2237

116 - 276 Midpark Way SE
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