My American Dream

by Raheel Memon

American Dream Meaning

Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering that is related with crude oil or natural gas. It is also combination of innovation, expansion and exploration.

3 Characteristics Of My American Dream

  • It will help you get wealthy.
  • It will give you experience in petroleum engineering.
  • It will give you happiness if you're into it.
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Description Of My American Dream

My American dream is to become petroleum engineer because I am in the field of engineering and plus doing petroleum engineering job is a really fun job to do. It is also hard working job as well.
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Explanation Of My American Dream

Being a petroleum engineer can help you get wealthy because their are a lot of job that pay a lot of money to petroleum engineers. It is pretty hard working job to do but hard work pays of in the future. So if you do hard work to become petroleum engineer than it will pay you off by earning lots of money.
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