Principal's Update

Aug. 21, 2020 - Back to School Newsletter #1

Above All Else, Love One Another (1 Peter 4:8)

Saints Community,

I am so excited to get this school year started! There is so much to share with you and I ask you to please read this newsletter in its entirety. I apologize for the length, but all of what you see is meant to benefit our entire school community as we begin the 2020-21 school year. You will need to select "view entire message" at the bottom of the email page.

We will send follow up emails with more necessary details for heading back to school.

Please join me in praying for all the specifics of this highly unusual school year. We are ready! God is showing us each day how to keep moving forward, trusting him through it all.

Giving Him all the glory for the good things He is doing.


Mrs. James

What is NCCS Planning for 2020-21?

Sharing Resources and Information- Administration, board members, faculty, staff, and fellow NCCS parents, are working together on the plan for this upcoming school year. We want to share with you what we have accomplish this summer in preparation:

  • NCCS has followed all the required steps to be in compliance to meet "Ready Schools, Safe Learners" by completing the Operational Blueprint for K-12 returning to school. Our document has been submitted for record with ODE and OHA, and is found on the school webstie HERE for your reference.
  • With the newest updates for schools (public and private), we are able to schedule students in small groups or individually, to be at the school for occassional/brief academic purposes, moderate athletic activity, and social/emotional support. We will use this "exception" as necessary in supporting our students during remote learning. Examples of this could be for labs, assessments, guidance/support, Bible study and prayer, music lessons, athletic workouts, literacy lessons, collaborative grouping, etc.
  • We have evaluated the new guidance for preschool, and are thrilled to be able to welcome our youngest Saints back to school in their classroom, with a revised program that can run 5 days a week for 3.5 hour days. We will offer a 2 day or 3 day, AM only option.
  • Our budget is being closely monitored and decisions made to remain fiscally responsible during this time. We have lost some families, and gained some new families. We have all our staff hired for positions needed, curriculum is purchased, and supplies and resources have been secured to meet regular school needs as well as COVID19 plans.
  • Micro-cohorts seem to be of interest to many of our families. Some are already busy making plans for this option. We compiled the feedback and shared it out with parents so plans can be arranged prior to school starting. As a means of contacting those who are in a same grade, the RenWeb directory is easilly accessible and is appropriate for this need. Contact the office for assistance with RenWeb, if needed.
  • 14 Remote Teaching Tech Stations are being assembled to be used by our teachers in their classrooms for LIVESTREAM engagement with students during instructional hours.
  • We are watching Oregon and Clackamas County COVID metrics. All our behaviors matter in getting the metrics to where we need be to return to on site learning. Below are behaviors we must regularly practice to get back to school together. Thank you for supporting this goal we all want to meet as soon as possible. Latest metrics- SEE HERE
Big picture


We are excited to announce that we will have a Back-to-School Summer Camp, Sept. 9 & 10, for our students! The camp will be held at the school, following the state guidelines for Summer Camps, which allows for small student groups to meet with teachers prior to the beginning of the school year.

Our purpose in having these camp days is to build a connection between teachers and students, provide necessary school materials from the school for remote learning, to have fun together, and to give students an opportunity to be in their classrooms at school.

Parents will sign up for ONE camp date and time for each student. There will be four camp times to choose from, with students attending only one block of time according to availability and signing up ahead of time is required. This is an opportunity for students only, not for parents, to be at school. If a student prefers/needs an alternate time, where no other students are in attendance, due to medical or personal matters, please contact the office.

Camp Options:

  • Sept. 9 @ 9-11 am

  • Sept. 9 @ 12-2 pm

  • Sept. 10 @ 9-11 am

  • Sept. 10 @ 12-2 pm

Additional Information:

  • The camp is optional, not required.

  • There is no fee for this one day, 2 hour camp.

  • Parents and students must complete a permission slip (found below), due at the time of entry for the camp, and register for a day and time to attend (see below links).

  • Parents and students must complete a Technology Use Agreement form (found below), and bring that to camp or provide to the school prior to the first day of school (Sept. 14).

  • Parents who wish to check out a NCCS Chromebook for remote learning, must complete the designated form (found below) and return that with the student at camp. Computers will be sent home for those with completed forms and who signed up to borrow them.

  • Students need to bring a backpack to bring home books, materials, etc

  • Sign up for ONE time slot per student for the day and time of camp to attend.

  • No food will be consumed at school this day, please have your student come having eaten.

  • Students should bring a filled water bottle with their name written on it.

  • Students must come in a mask. All safety protocols will be required and followed.

  • There will be marked entrances for students at each grade level for drop off and for pick-up.Teachers will greet students at the entry points. Teachers will accompany students to the pick up point and remain with them until parents arrive.

  • Only students and staff are allowed into the buildings.

Questions should be directed to McKenzie Falotico at

Sign up your student(s) below for a specific grade level camp:

Back to School Forms and Information to Attend To

Complete the Chromebook Checkout Form (if applicable)

For those who need to checkout a NCCS Chromebook for use during Remote Learning, this form is required prior to being issued. This needs to be completed and returned during camp week.

Complete the Technology Agreement Form

This MUST be signed every year and completed by the first day of school (Sept. 14). Please complete and return to the school office, may be submitted electronically.

2020-21 One Page Calendar

This calendar is subject to updates by administration, please refer to the one on the Family Portal for the most up to date information.

RenWeb Login Assistance

RenWeb is the school information system where student and family information is stored. Grades, communications, tuition, health and enrollment information is managed from this system as well.

NCCS Expectations for Appearance

When students are participating in school activities, whether through remote learning (during class time) or in person on campus, the expectations for appearance must be followed. Please review this overview with your child.

School Closing + Emergency Announcements

Please review this document and make sure that your information is up to date in RenWeb. In the case of an emergency and for general communication, current parent contact information is vital.

School Supply Lists

All supplies listed will be needed during the school year, please purchase and keep materials at home for student workstations. Some supplies will be needed during remote learning at home, some during small group in-person instruction, and some when we are able to return to on-site instruction.

Please note that we are using one Bible for grades 1-5 and one Bible for grades 6-12. The Bible is linked in the supply list below, and you can also access them by clicking the links here:

1-5 bible....6-12 bible

Supply Lists:

Preschool ....Kindergarten.... 1st Grade ....2nd Grade ....3rd Grade ....4th Grade

5th Grade ....6th Grade ....Junior High (7th & 8th) ....High School (9th-12th)

Set up for Success at Home

Students need a space at home specific for them to do their school studies. Please consider the following as you prepare for the upcoming school year:
  • Set up a student sized table/desk and chair. Their feet should touch the floor and their arms easily rest on the table top. The chair should be stable and comfortable, fitting the student well.
  • If possible, don't set up their workspace in their bedroom, but in an area that is visible to an adult and away from the TV or other distractions.
  • Organize all needed supplies to be kept in the workspace: See grade level supply lists, and don't forget headphones, a filled water bottle, and any textbooks or class resources.
  • Ensure easy set up of technology, with a powersource/charger nearby and adequate surface space for the computer and other materials needed during study time.
  • Provide adequate light, fresh air, and a pleasant environment.
  • Check the internet ability in your home to ensure a strong signal. Don't forget to factor in others in the home that will be using the internet at the same time.
  • Have your child choose easy to eat HEALTHY snacks to have available for break times.
  • Encourage your child to connect with peers for healthy social development. Consider small groups of 2-3 with play dates, micro-cohorts, bike rides, outdoor games, etc...

NCCS Campus Work Day Aug. 29

Are you someone who enjoys painting or yard work? Join us for a campus work day on Aug. 29, 9 am-4 pm. We have put together a project list and need some extra hands to get it all done. We ask that you not bring children (under 14) to this work day, as we will have equipment and materials out that we can't have young people around. Be sure to bring your own mask, beverages and food, as well as work gloves. We welcome you to just show up and offer any time you have available this day. Please email Emily Clark with questions.

Pictures are from the last summer campus workday. Thank you to all who participated!

Back-to-School Camp Week: NCCS School Community Events!


  • Sept. 11, 3 pm: Fall Society Meeting (Virtual)
  • Sept. 11, 4-5:30 pm: Back-to-School Celebration Drive Thru
  • Sept. 11 and 12, 6:30-8 pm: Back-to-School Family Worship Nights at NCCS


Why is NCCS not opening as other Christian schools are?

Executive Order 20-30, a state directive to public and private schools, states county and state health metrics that must be met for on-site learning. Some Christian schools seek to open against this order, not NCCS. Click the bar to read an article.

Upcoming Events

Aug 29 Campus Work Day, 9am-4pm

Sept. 9-10 Back to School Summer Camps, 9-11 am OR 12-2 pm

Sept. 10 Annual Fall Society Meeting (Virtual), 3pm

Sept. 10 Back to School Celebration Drive Thru at NCCS, 4-5:30 pm

Sept. 10 & 11 Family Worship Nights at NCCS, 6:30-8 pm on the field

Sept. 14 First Day of (Remote) School, K-12

North Clackamas Christian School

During this temporary campus closure, our office hours are limited. However, we are regularly checking email, phone messages, and getting mail. Please reach out to us should you have questions or need assistance.

Superintendent/Principal: Sherri James (Ext 101)

Office Manager: McKenzie Falotico (Ext 100)

Dean of Students: Carmen Moore (Ext 214)

Business Office Manager: Emily Clark (Ext 202)