Comida de Madrid

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The quaint, authentic atmosphere of Lambuzo creates an even more satisfying experience for any individual who dines in this family run Andalucían restaurant. Its fresh dishes bring your taste buds alive and transport you straight to Andalucía. The dished that i would recommend from Lambuzo are the Croquetas de Gambas and the home made cheesecake. Many people that have dined at Lambuzo have said that both of these choices are "killer" and "delicious". The homemade cheesecake is a delicious desert that will make your mouth water. Croquetas are fabulous for appetizers or even if you want to stop for a small snack, they are small fried rolls filled with creamy mashed potatoes. Lambuzo is also known for their wide variety of wine.

CENTRO Calle de las Conchas, 9, 28013 Madrid

911 43 48 62/ 637 30 38 18


The exquisite meal choices at this one of a kind diner attract many Madrid locals. Terramundi's large selection of scrumptious tapas will satisfy any craving! Along with reasonable pricing and hours, eating at Terramundi is an experience not just a meal!

In many reviews I read that the pulpo or octopus was very good at Terramundi. Some dished that have octopus in them at Terramundi are the Pulpo a la gallega (ración minima para dos) and the Arroz negro con pulops. Both of these dishes are a bargain for good food and a nice dining atmosphere. I would also recommend the carpaccio or carpaccio de ternera ecológica con pimentón. Many people love this dish, it is organic beef carpaccio with paprika. I would also recommend the Pastel tibio de chocolate suizo con helado casero de hojas de hierbabuena which is swiss chocolate warm cake with home made ice cream mint leaves.

Price range: $13-20

Address: Calle Lope de Vega 32, 28014 Madrid, Spain


Mediodía 13:00pm-16:30pm

Noche 20:30PM-24:00PM

viernes y sábado noche 20:30pm-01:00am