Computer Storage


What are computer storage devices

Computers can collect and sort data and create documents, but the end result needs to be stored, if not printed and used immediately. Data and document storage needs to be stored on one of several available storage devices for later retrieval, printing, changing or manipulating. The computer's internal RAM (random access memory) stores and runs application programs and work that is currently in use, such as a letter that is being typed. But RAM memory contents are lost when the computer is turned off.

RAM (Random access memory)

Random access memory is a sort of storage device. It allows data to be acceded in any random order. In contrast, other data storage media such as hard disks, CD,DVD and magnetic tape, as well as early primary memory types such as drum memory, read and write data only in a predetermined order, consecutively, because of mechanical design limitations. Therefore, the time to access a given data location varies significantly depending on its physical location.
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ROM (Read Only Memory)

Read-only memory (ROM) is a class of storage medium used in computers and other electronic devices. Data stored in ROM cannot be modified, or can be modified only slowly or with difficulty, so it is mainly used to distribute firmware (software that is very closely tied to specific hardware, and unlikely to need frequent updates).

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