The space ship challenger

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What is the space ship challenger

The space ship challenger is a space ship that was built by NASA. NASA study's space and sometime lunches space ship into space. The space ship challenger was so posed to go into space to study it. about a minute after it lunched it caut on fire. nobody on the space ship survived. NASA shut down after that horrible accident. But finally they began to study and build space ship and other thing that we use too study other solor systems and ours.

Was the space ship challenger a horrible disaster? YES!!!!!!!

Her are some pictures on the space ship challenger

look at the pictures above what do you think?

What happened

many people don't know what happened to the space ship challenger, they wonder what happened. One theory is it was to cold for the plane to take of but NASA did it any way. Another theory is there was something wrong with the structure of how it was made. The last theory is it was just a coincidence. It still remains a mystery until someone finds out. So the real question is what do you believe.

Here is a picture of the crew