21st Century Learning!

From Term 2, the students in 5/6 Jennings have started 'Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) in the classroom. B.Y.O.D gives students greater access to the skills they need to be as 21st Century learner. Their devices have been used across all Key Learning Areas. Many of the lessons involve students finding answer and or information to topics then presenting to the class. Once they have completed their work, the students email their work to the teacher.

Our classroom layout has also changed. Most of the classroom tables have been removed from the class. Students now have free learning areas to work at. They are allowed to sit in any spot; they can work on the floor, at a table or sit on a bean bag. Below are some pictures and comments from 5/6J students.

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It is easier to have your own device. We can do more work at home and I can show my sister everything I have done at school. Lena (Yr5)

It is fun and interesting. It is my first time doing work on my device. When you type your hand doesn't hurt. Bobby (Yr6)

It is easier to learn with a device because it makes learning fun. You don't have to wait for a computer when you have your device. Krishan (Yr5)

Using my device is easier than the computer because you don't have to wait to log in or for a computer. It is good for the future as I can use the interest to research information for my presentations. I can go back home and look through my work that I have done. Sylvia (Yr 6)

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