The History of the Internet

The creation and modern day use of the internet

My interest in the invention of the internet

The internet is so massive and common place that ever one forgets that at one point in time it did not exist. If people are going to use something they should learn to appreciate it for its history.

What the internet looks like today

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Brief history of the internet

The packet network (eventually named the internet) was initially created alongside the first computers in the 1950’s. The first message ever sent was in 1969 after many years of tweaking and fixing by the Department of Defense (DOD). This packet network was then expanded upon in the 70’s by ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) a group funded by the DOD. Then came the programming of protocols for inter-networking, in which multiple separate networks could be joined together to form a web of networks. Many years have passed and the internet has been molded into something new. No longer used for just sending small bits of information, it has now become common place and used everyday.

Legacy of the internet & its affect on current society

The internet today is used anywhere and everywhere. Whether uploading an Instagram photo for grandma or sending major Government files, the internet is used in all aspects of life. Today's society has been changed by the internet. It has enabled people from all over the globe to connect with each other and learn from each other. Forty years ago it would take a person a few days to receive a message where as today it can be sent instantaneously. The internet has made available countless stores of information on an array of topics. Although the internet does have its benefits it is not without faults too, such as the vulnerability of anyone's files or personal information as well as the credibility of the information. People over the last few years have grown so dependent on the internet that if it crashed the whole world would be sent into a state of chaos.
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What I've learned

Knowing now that the internet did not originate from the hands of some technological genius but was a collaborative effort developed over many years, I can appreciate its value and can sympathize with the generations that came before its creation. Having information readily available at my fingertips will increase my knowledge of current and historical cultural, environmental, political, or even comical events.
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