The Gospel of Luke

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Where the End is the new beginning.
The gospel of Luke: Overview

About the Author

Luke was a Gentile Christian and a disciple of Paul. He wrote to the Gentiles, or the non-Jews to evangelize and proclaim the Good News. He wrote his Gospel in AD 80-85, in Greece.

Mary, "the most excellent fruit of redemption"

Luke's is the Gospel in which we fully meet Mary and many of our beliefs about Mary find their roots in Luke's Gospel. Luke’s portrayal of Mary shows her to be an active, faithful, thoughtful woman. She embraces God’s unexpected plan for her life. She is the Ideal Disciple in this Gospel.
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Exclusively Luke's

The Annunciation to Mary, The Good Samaritan, Raising of the Widow's Son & more

The parable's unique to Luke's Gospel portray the unexpected ways in which God's invading kingdom abolishes the standard and accepted social order and reverses conventional beliefs.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is an invisible spiritual guide to Jesus; both of them share the same mission of encountering us with God. Luke’s emphasis on the Holy Spirit is used to emphasize on the importance of prayer. Luke uses prayer as the bridge that connects Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and his Father.

Luke's Ox

The four Gospels of the Bible have creature-like depictions that appear on the Book of Revelation. Luke’s Gospel animal depiction is the Ox. This animal-like creature is considered to be a humble servant.



"Life's most painful choices are not between good and evil but between the good and the better way"

Universal Salvation: Unlike the other Gospels, Luke shows that salvation is for all people, and not just one specific group, such as Zacchaeus and the parable of the Prodigal Son. Even if one has sinned, they can still enter have eternal life.

Jesus in Luke

Compassionate Jesus!

  • Luke features Jesus' benevolence towards the weak, suffering, and outcasts (basically anyone in need of salvation)
  • Jesus humanity is shown and the idea that no one is left out of salvation
  • Unlike Mark, Jesus never loses his patience and is compassionate towards his disciples and is even compassionate whilst on the cross towards the thief