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Special Edition!

Spelling Bees for 2015-2016

Nine students who are in the Spelling Bee Club spelled it out on December 1st to reveal our Armstrong Spelling Bee Club winners.

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We are very proud of the following Apaches for competing: Blend Ahmed, Heather Arnett, Abigail Ballard, Danny Cadena, Cole Mannon, Rachel Mannon, Imani Montgomery, Erik Reed and Brendan Tadeja.

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Our winners are: Alternate, Cole Mannon; Runners Up, Erik Reed and Brendan Tadeja; and First Place Winner, Rachel Mannon! CONGRATULATIONS! The winners will be competing against other middle school in the district on January 29 in the Administration Building Board Room at 4:00 p.m

Reflections for 2015-2016

Congratulations to the following students who participated in this year’s Reflections Program at Armstrong, and received an award at the School level of judging! A celebration will be held after school on January 14th honoring these students.

Award of Excellence

Hailey Black 7 Literature Gone

Elianna V. Bulo 8 Literature The Boy Who Thought, The Mother Who Saw

Danny Caballero 8 Literature Unleash Your Imagination

Fernando Clark 8 Literature Haven

Alexandra Collins 8 Literature Castle In My Mind

Kassandra Diaz 7 Literature The Day The World Came To An End

Anielle Go 8 Literature Where Pirates Fly

Aileen Gutierrez 8 Literature Open Your Eyes

Aubree Johnson 7 Literature Imagination Fly Arcade Version

Seth Kaplan 8 Literature Let Your Imagination Fly

Akie Kasai 8 Literature Monitors Mayhem

Sherry Lopez 8 Literature Making it Happen

Anaum Magihrebi 8 Literature Warriors…The Battle Never Ends

Rachel Mannon 8 Photography The Flute

Maliaya A. Monroe 8 Literature The Dream

Elliott Reed 8 Literature My Future

Ana Rodriguez 7 Literature Cello

Mitchel Thompson 7 Literature My Dragon Imagination

Lia Uriegas 8 Literature Illuminate

Heather Vegas 8 Literature Dixon #2

Schaleea Waites 8 Literature Take Over The World

Anna Walton 8 Literature The Color Filled Forest In the Sky

Araceli Wilk 7 Literature My Place

Camden Wisor 8 Literature All An Illusion

Emerald Young 8 Literature Once In A Lifetime

Award of Merit

Cesar Agundiz 8 Literature Super Powers

Nathanael Alvarez 8 Literature Take Flight

Omar Alvineda 8 Literature Let Your Imagination Fly

Kristina Austin 8 Literature Best Friends Forever

Leilani Butler 7 Photography To The Sky

Ryan Caranfu 8 Literature The Power of Imagination

Chassity Chirov 8 Literature Explore The Unimaginable

Andrew Cox 8 Literature Imagine If

Raul Diaz 8 Literature Bulldog 54

Zachary Dodson 8 Literature American Imagination

Cami Flores 7 Literature In A Dream

Kaitlyn Furrh 7 Literature Let Your Imagination Fly

Stefanie Gallegos 8 Literature Real Dreams

Maria Gallegos 8 Literature Open Your Mind

Bianca Gurrusquieta 8 Literature Art Comes From the Deepest Places

Collin Haynes 7 Literature Your Mind

Nicholas Horton 8 Literature I Flew

Sam Johnson 7 Literature When My Imagination Flies…

Pierre Juarez 8 Literature Dreams

Olivia Karr 8 Literature Creative Protest

Darlin Lopez 7 Merit Literature My Life

Cole Mannon 8 Merit Literature The Crush

Rachel Mannon 8 Merit Visual Art Muses

Kimberly Morales 8 Merit Literature Heavenly Tears

Seth Rodriguez 8 Merit Literature The Basis of Life

Gael Salaza 7 Merit Literature Let Your Imagination Fly

Ishan Sultan 7 Merit Literature Immersive Imagination

Amasria Tisdell 8 Merit Literature Let Your Dreams Create

Taylor Walton 8 Merit Literature Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Imagination Fly

Benjamin Wenaas 8 Merit Literature Let Your Imagination Fly

Ethan Wilson 7 Merit Literature At Night

Zion Wilson 8 Merit Literature Let Your Imagination Fly

Honorable Mention

Tracy Bui 7 Literature Won't Smile

Addison Collins 7 Literature Imagination Is An Art

Melody DeLeon 7 Photography Dream Falls

Elizabeth DeVelasco 8 Literature Are You Looking Or Truly Seeing?

Jazmin Estrada 8 Literature The Time My Family and I Played Pretend

Brenden Ewing 8 Literature The Creative Nation

Jonathan Gramajo 8 Literature Dream Succeeds

Tristen Green 8 Literature A Better Place Why Not Go

Oziel Gutierrez 7 Literature Soccer Let Your Imagination Fly

Jazmen Henderson 8 Literature The Great Imagination

Skylar Holder 8 Literature My New Passion

Zippy Johnson 8 Literature Dreaming To The Limit

Kelsey Keierleber 7 Literature Let Your Imagination Fly

Rachel Mannon 8 Literature The Key To Fly

Kenya McCain 7 Literature Swish

Imani Montgomery 6 Literature Every Thing I Love

Lauren Morris 8 Literature Imagine This…

Katia Rangel 7 Literature Imagination

Xenia Resendiz 8 Literature Abolish the Normal

Hailey Sanchez 8 Literature Let It Fly

Sasha Sanchez 8 Literature The Tree

Brendan Tadeja 7 Literature Dreams

Daniel Talebi 8 Literature Let Our Ideas Soar

Katherine Villeda 7 Literature Imagine This…

7th & 8th Grades Science Fair Project Winners 2015-2016

Life Winners

Project Student Category

Beat Up Hearing Rachel Mannon Life

Decompostion Mission Amasria Tisdel l Life

Music & Plant Growth James Mitchell Life

Physical Winners

1 Bone Appetite Aubree Johnson Physical

1 Bone Appetite Kelsey Keierleber Physical

2 Parachute Power Hamza Atif Physical

3 Dance Shoes Danse Hailey Black Physical

3 Dance Shoes Danse Araceli Wilk Physical

Honorable Mention

Heating Me Up Brendan Tadeja Engineering

Does T Affect Rate of Rxn Chassity Chriov Physical

Soil Power Collin Haynes Life

Soil Power Seth Stottlemyer Life

Too much Noise Annette Llanas Physical

Incandescent v. LED Bianca Gurrusquieta Physical

Incandescent v. LED Akie Kasai Physical

Enzymes v. Insulin Lauren Morris Physical

Melting Candy Benjamin Wenaas Physical

Stomach Acid Shenanigans Jin Viars Life

Blown Away Kevielle Greathouse Physical

Blown Away Anielle Go Physical

Clot that Blood Olivia Clabiorne Life

Clot that Blood Alana Peterson Life

Stained Teeth Brenden Ewing Life

Effect of Heat on Starch and Sugar Rachel Harvey Physical

Evaporation of Liquids Ryan Cranfa Physical

Phototropism Gael Salazar Life

Stronger than the average Oak Ethan Wilson Physical

Radiation Nation Cole Mannon Life

Spectrum Readability Mitali Dotecha Physical

Keep it Cool Pratham Patel Physical

Propelling Research Andrew Cox Physical

Earthquake Renner Killion Physical