The Fall of France

By: Sailesh, Inshaal, James, Ramis


The Fall of France was in France and the low countries as Germany invaded
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The Fall of France lasted 1 month and15 days as it began on May 10th 1940 and ended on June 25th 1940.


The fall of France was when Germany was successful in invading France and the low countries as they went through the low countries including Belgium and the Netherlands. The Germans dodged the Strong French frontier defenses of the Maginot line. On June 10th Italy decided to enter the war on Germany's side. Four days after, the capital of France fell as the government got provoked. The government decided to surrender on June 25th 1940. The British 51st Highland Division was also forced to surrender.


Since Hitler had a victory over Poland in 1939 he was eager to follow up by invading more countries to prove his power.


  • Maurice Gamelin, Alphobse Georges and Macime Weygand were major leaders for France
  • Leapold Iii from Belgium
  • Hitler
  • Winston Churchhill
The Fall of France - Nazi propaganda newsreel