Internet Safety

Read about haw to stay safe and smart online

Be Careful What You Post

Ask permission to post something of one of your friends. If you don't want something embarrassing post of you then don't post something embarrassing of them. Remember if you post something it cant be deleted. Even if you take it down.

Do Not Cyberbully

Cyber bullying is illegal and mean. There are many different ways of Cyber bullying. Text, email, social media. games, etc. There are many consequences to cyber bullying, even including the police.

How To React To Cyber Bullying

Don't Respond to anything. Tell an adult and block the user. Report the user to the website. Save the evidence to show your trusted adult.

Do You Download Apps?

Are most of your apps free? Just because they are "free" doesn't mean they are free. Notice when you are on a game they ask you to buy ad free or some fancy gadget doesn't mean you have to buy it. If you want it ask you parents especially if they are paying.

Personal Info

Do you have personal info online? Like on your email or a social media site, if so here is how to make it stay personal. Have a longer password maybe even with some symbols or numbers. DON'T SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYBODY!!!! Including your friends, best friends, boyfriend, stranger ANYBODY.

Making Safe Accounts

To make any site of yours safe here is some tips. Don't open pop up emails. They make look or seem like they are safe or from people you know but they want to gobble up info from you. They are fakes. Even if they threaten you show an adult and do not open it or reply.

The Internet is more fun when you are safe.

How To Have A Safer Password

Better ways to secure your password

  • Make an easy sentence for you Ex. The chicken crossed the road
  1. Tcctr
  2. than pick a numer that is easy for you to remember Ex. 23
  3. Tcctr23
  4. Than make a few letters capiolazied
  5. TcCTr23
  6. than make a symbol Ex. :)
  7. TcCtr23:)
  8. You have a safer Password