All About Valleys

Created by Cooper

How A Valley Is Formed

A valley is a region that forms were earths tectonic plates move. Valleys are fond on land and water. The valleys are lower then the land around it. A valley is formed by tectonic plates, when they slowly move apart or rift.

Great Rift valley

The Great Rift Valley is in the middle east to the north Madagascar. Living there is different because there is a volcanoes that could erupt in the valley. The valley effects us because its in a low down area that you might not be able to get out. Its like a valley because its deep and open.

Rebsea Rift

The Rebsea rift is located in eastern Africa. Its differnt because its hot and you can't get crops there. It effects us because you can't grow food there. Its like a valley because it can collect water when it rains.

Valley of the Kings

The valley of the kings is in south Ejept. It differnt because there are peramids in it. There are no trees so you cant build there with wood. This valley has a river in it.

Baikat Rift Valley

This valley is in Siberia. It is very low. Lower then normal land. There is lots of water there. There are some rivers running thrue there.