Influences of Food Choices

By: Adrian Hernandez

Physical Needs

The most basic food we need to survive would be fruits such as bananas, mangos, coconuts. You need proteins such as meats. If you are hungry you need to eat nutritional food to keep you healthy and all of these will help keep your energy high especially with proteins
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Psychological Needs

If someone is depressed or they are sad they could eat ice cream or a dessert because it will help calm them down. If you crave something you may be wanting to get it. Say someone is being bullied then they might get a eating disorder and make them eat more and more.

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Personal Food Preference

If you have tried something before and you liked it you might want to eat more of it, but if you want to try it out and you don't like it your not going to want to eat it. Also if something smells really bad like cheese you might think there's something funky in it. Usually if something is a black or brown color you don't really want to eat it since you might not know what it is. You can associate some food with other food that my taste the same or something bad. Most people have a favorite food that they enjoy to eat.

Food Avalabilty

Some food are only available for example they sell watermelon in the summer and pumpkins in the fall. Another thing that would change your influence is if you go to a restaurant and you are in a mood for steak but they don't sell steak only salads, sandwich's, bake potatoes, and ect.

Social Settings

If you go to the movies you might be tempted to get popcorn and you will get some or you can be put into peer pressure to buy or make something everyone is eating or trying. Meal times also affect what you eat so say its breakfast time you might eat breakfast food like pancakes or waffles. If its lunch time you might go for something light like a hotdog or salad. If its dinner time you might eat pasta or chicken or some meat that is heavy or some people might go for light foods.

Social & Culture

Some foods maybe be based off your religion for example the Muslim religion it is against them to eat pork. Some foods maybe tradition like Mexicans eat tamales and Cubans might eat a Cuban sandwich. Many people spend the holidays cooking for example on Thanksgiving you may eat turkey, rolls, pie, ect. or many people also have feast on Christmas.
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Food Influences

So as you can there are many things that may influence the foods you choose to get just make sure there good decisions.