HG Temple Intermediate News to KNOW

September 28, 2015

Shout OUT for embracing technology

Did you happen to see Monday's Lufkin Daily News? There was an article about technology usage in the district. Technology in the classroom has evolved over my educational career from our first Apples (learning to send an email) to now having every question answered at your fingertips, Face Timing with students in other countries, to having a test read to you! Students respond to technology- there has never been a time in their life when they have not had technology. How are you incorporating technology into your lessons?

Shout OUT !

Shout out to Mrs. Grace and Ms. Custer for taking a moment and allowing students to make noise makers for Friday night's game against Liberty. The Jacks prevailed once again! It's awesome to see our former students show respect on and off the field. Thanks to those who volunteered in the concession stand. Support our Jacks and pack the stands in Corrigan.

Thanks to Mrs. Vann and the H.G. Temple Rockin' Jack Choir for performing the National Anthem at homecoming. The students were so excited and many compliments were given on student behavior and performance.

Video Link

Click on I Do, We Do, You Do below. This is a link to a video of a social studies teacher teaching reading comprehension in social studies. She does an excellent job of explaining the process and the improvement she has seen in her students. We are all reading teachers.

Grade Level Meetings

In grade level meetings we have discussed PEAK strategies and are revisiting Dr. Crain conversations. The pic is from Mrs. Salaiz' classroom- discussed with Dr. Crain. The students could explain in great detail. Several "Aha" moments were when the following statements were made in grade level meetings- 1. In planning, I realized that I was skipping "We DO", I would direct teach and then totally expect them to show me what they learned without them actually doing something with the stuff. 2. Everything the students do now is planned and purposeful. I no longer give an assignment without it being meaningful. There is no time for "busy" work. 3. I have to study my lesson plans every night just like I expect my students to study. I can't walk into my classroom without the lesson fresh on my mind, Planning a week ahead and not looking over lessons until the moment I teach is cheating the students. 4. Mrs. Trawick was teaching possessive nouns and students had already completed this in Lexia tutorials and she was able to "breeze" through the lesson much faster. One of her students actually helped and explained to the others !! Drip, Drip, ....

Keep up the hard work- it is going to pay off !